Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace Easter Egg - Captain Panaka has a Small Tumble

My brother discovered this error after he clumsily fell off the loading platform on Coruscant.

1) Get on the Coruscant level and get to the point in the game where you hand the city tour tickets to the blue droid and the door opens.

2) Follow the hallway until you reach the loading platform for the tour bus.

3) Stand next to the third window from left until the hovercannon comes and scares off the shuttle.

4) Jump onto the rail exactly where the third window was and walk off the edge (don't pay attention to the hovercannon, it won't kill the queen)

5) You will fall for about 2 seconds and then the ends of the buildings disappear and if you jumped right you should land with no damage to your health (I died a couple of times) on a part of the restricted area of the city.

It appears that the game designers started on this section of the level and then abandoned it. It's funny when the queen yells "I'm not jumping down there!" Stay on the floor and don't walk off the unfinished edges or you will really die. If the floor is cut off, inch along the lights on the side. Eventually you will walk through one of the one-sided wall faces on the original level and will be back in the game.

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Contributed By: Nate the Great on 07-01-2001
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I also forgot to mention that if you want to continue the game once you get back into it you have to activate a scripting trigger by talking to the guy that tells you the password for the door. If you came back in the game where I did, this means having to go out the first security door to the right of his office to get to him, which requires the password. thats why you shouldn't try this the first time you play the game. Even if you know the password, do this, cause if you don't the queen won't appear in the white key room along with the Rodian. (However even when you get the second queen, you can still hear the first queen yelling up on the city tour platform :)
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zeldafreak64 writes:
Is this the game for PC or Playstation?
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