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I have been told that in Tintin books, in large crowds, there is the author; Herge. (George Remy)
I haven't looked for him in other Tintin books very hard, but in "The Calculus Affair", when the crowd has gathered outside Marlinspike when the windows have been breaking, in the bottom right corner,there is a tall thin blond man with a pencil and pad of paper. That's him.
I've seen a photo of him, so I'm not mistaken.

Also interesting,in Tintin and the Picaros, Asterix is in the crowd at the carnival.

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Contributed By: wormer on 05-23-2001
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Special Requirements: Tintin books, for ex.,"The calculus affair"
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Tintin - Calculus Affair
Tintin - Calculus Affair

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jip writes:
RG is visible in EVERY works he made or in every works about Tintin, including TV cartoons and movies, his face is very easy to recognize, and so it became very famous allover Europe.
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Miyajima writes:
He is also in The Broken Ear, page 1, panel 2 and twice in King Ottokar's Sceptre, p 38 last panel and p 59 last panel with his wife.
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Spug writes:
Cool ;) I found it too now. Not the Asterix egg, only the other...
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