Quake Easter Egg - Big Ol' "Q" Shadow

This is easy to miss, but pretty cool.

In the level "Gloom Keep" (M1E6 I think, get there by typing 'map e1m6' in the console if you're lazy :) do the following. Be sure to avoid all traps and kill all badniks.

1. Go into the main entrance of the big castle-whatzit-thingy that you see from the starting position.

2. The 'road' forks where you find the rocket launcher. Go right.

3. Clear out the next few rooms.

4. In the room with the teleporter, look at the floor before you enter.

5. You will (should) see a big ol' "Q" like in the title as a shadow.

6. Look up and marvel that such a shadow exists with nothing casting it.

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Contributed By: Rick O'Shay on 09-27-1999
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Special Requirements: Quake. 1. Duh. Shareware or registered.
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"This is easy to miss"? How could you possibly miss that? It's not exactly hidden.
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The secret becomes obvious if you use QuakeWorld and/or play a level with a grappling harpoon gun. The "Q" structure casting the shadow is hidden within a box with the same texture as the sky. That particular (purple) texture allows light to shine through, but cannot be seen or walked through. If you are in that level on a Quake/QuakeWorld server (or locally) with a grappling hook, you can get on top the of box. Not sure if you can rocketjump up there. Bad camping spot, but is great for when some tag-team campers take the area... In QuakeWorld, use the Observe mode to also see the box...
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Poalr Coyote writes:
The shadow is a hint to walk around and use the backside of the teleporter. It will take you to the roof to get the Quad damage before you face the next monster for the gold key.
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