Rocko's Modern Life Easter Egg - Spanking the Monkey

In the episode where Ed Bighead is coaching his wife's bowling team, he needs a replacement opponent team and tries to coax Rocko and his friends. He knocks on Rocko's door and asks them if the "want to play a game" Rocko responds "But we're already playing a game, Mr. Bighead."

The gist of the egg is that when the shot turns to the game Rocko and his friends are playing, there is a bare-butt monkey bent over a parrot perch, and all of Rocko's friends are holding ping-pong paddles. Hence, the game they are playing is "Spank the Monkey".

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Contributed By: Tirdun on 09-26-1999
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Mota writes:
Almost every episode has something of a sexual nature. Often it's hidden in jumbled dialogue (like when a crowd speaks, you can hear someone say something like "condoms" in the background), and very rarely, it's displayed on screen in plain sight for a while. The point here being: This is funny stuff(not to mention very embarrassing for Nickelodeon), and it doesn't really matter if Khameleon cares or not.
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'Balzac' is a famous french novelist.
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Another egg is in the episode where Mr.Bighead is sleepwalking and thinks he's a pirate. As he's muttering some "pirate phrases" during one piont in the episode he says something like "raise the masts and ruffle my winkie" lol.(I'm not sure about raise the masts but I know for a fact and I am 100% sure he says "ruffle my winkie"!!! You don't really have to look for it, just pay attention to him. He says it loud and clear!
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Chelz writes:
Oh my gosh! I just saw this episode yesterday and i can't believe it. It's so obvious! It's weird that Nick would let something like this making into te episode. A nick show that has this much sex stuff shouldn't be on! But hey, it's fun for us teenages to watch with our little brothers and sisters, huh?
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soccerwizard writes:
lol, great little bit of info. Thnx!
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CheetahEryn8 writes:
To add to the eeggs, on the one episode where Rocko receives a new vacuum cleaner, he uses it to clean Spunky. He then holds his finger next to another button with a picture of a dog, followed by a minus sign, followed by a pair of baseballs. He then says something along the lines of, "We can try out the neutering device later." To continue, in the episode where the Chameleon brothers are trying to explain to Rocko their sob story about their original coffee, you may or may not have noticed that the name of the foreign town is "Balzac" Sound it out...Ball sack! Yes, very sexual indeed.
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