Deep Paint 3D Easter Egg - Some Thoughts from the Programmers

It seems some of the programming team for Right Hemisphere have a sense of humour and hidden creative talents.

To access them:
1.Open your HEX Editor\resource extractor
2.Goto DeepPaint3D\Tools directory Artbrush.dll,Artpaint.dll,TexPaint.dll

Background: While trying to edit some brush settings, I stumbled across these comments in the code: (copied as is, that is to say with mistakes). To my knowledge there is no way to access them through the program, so I've listed them because I think they're so cool, especially:

"You must be Artist in order to use this Paint !!!"

Personally I think this ranks nearly as highly as:

'All your base belong to us!'

"Artist Brush Library"
"contains only the Artist Brush"
"CK Chuang"
"4D Vision Asia"
"Please come to see us often :-)"

"Artist Paint Library"
"This Library contains the Artist Paint."
"CK Chuang"
"4D Vision Asia."
"You must be Artist in order to use this Paint !!!"

"Chalk and Charcoal"
"Chalk and Charcoal !!!! Remember to get your hand DIRTY when you use this :-)"
"Hahahahahaha !!!!!!!!"
"Pen and Pencil"
"Pen and Pencil !!!! How many time do you want me to say it ?"

"Texture Paint Library"
"Library containing the textured paints."
"Andy Bearsley"
"Copyright 1998 4D Vision Asia\"
"Kremmen: You mean this blob isn't really a blob?Gort (Evil leader of the Thargoidians): No. It was a neat disguise to lure you into my trap. Guards! Take them to the execution chamber!"

Gort might be the robot character from: The Day the Earth Stood Still.
The Thargoids might be a race of insects from an old classic game: Frontier First Encounters.

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Contributed By: Simox on 05-15-2001
Reviewed By: Webmaster
Special Requirements: Deep Paint 1.6, HEX editor or Resource extractor
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