Full Metal Jacket Easter Egg - Kubrick's Only True Cameo

Stanley Kubrick is a God to me, and I know all about him and his movies. I would like to point out that Kubrick has never appeared in any of his films....PERIOD! However, Kubrick did have one audio cameo: as Murphy in Full Metal Jacket.

Stanley's cameo is found in the scenes where Cowboy uses a radio to contact the unseen Murphy. The voice of Murphy over the radio is Kubrick's own voice! This is the only true CONFIRMED cameo by Stanley in his movies! Enjoy!

(And yes, I realize his voice sounds different than most people would expect; almost soft in a way.)

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Contributed By: Oscargod on 04-15-2001
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Lone Star writes:
Don't we see Kubrick in another scene too? It's been sometime since I've last seen "Full Metal Jacket", but I hope you understand what scene I'm talking about. As far as I recall after the soldiers are all interviewed, we switch over to a battle of some sort, the view suddenly changes 180 degrees so we see a "behind of the scene" kind of shot of the video crew moving a camera to the side. I thought I recognized one of these men to be Kubrick...I could be wrong though. :)
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JayteeSooner writes:
If you were a TRUE Stanley Kubrick fan, you would know about a little film called "Day Of The Fight" he makes On-Screen Cameo in this film. He has a cameo as a cameraman in this film.
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Mike writes:
He was also the guy at the gate in Eyes Wide Shut who gave tom cruise the letter.
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Agent 21 writes:
As far as Mr.Kubrik being the man who passes the letter to Tom Cruise. This matter is uncertain with me. However Mr.Kubrik does appear in the bar where Tom Cruise meets his piano playing freind. He is sitting, chatting to another person just out of frame during the conversation Cruise is having with his freind. The camera does pass over him when Cruise enters the bar & geos to sit with his freind. He is somewhat clear to spot, his beard is a dead giveaway.
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