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Have you got 100 jiggies yet?
If so, you hear about the 2 eggs and the ice key...actually in Banjo-Kazooie you can get those things and more eggs...even though people didn't find a use for those yet. Type in "cheat" on the sandcastle floor and....

...if you want the Blue Egg, type...

...if you want the Purple Egg, type...

...if you want the dark blue egg, type...

...if you want the Green egg, type...

...if you want the Red egg, type...

...if you want the Yellow egg, type...

...if you want the Ice key, type...

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Contributed By: Anthony Barrington on 04-16-2001
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Special Requirements: The Game and the Jiggy of the Sandcastle in Treasure Trove Cove
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HyperHacker writes:
As I understand, the N64's memory retains data for up to 30 seconds after the power is shut off. Apparently, Rare planned to use this as a link. When you view the Stop'N'Swop screen, BK stores info in memory about what eggs/key you have. You would then turn the game off and start BT. Nintendo didn't like the idea however (they thought it was too unreliable) so it was canned.
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Charzendat writes:
The eggs and the ice key do nothing in Banjo-Kazooie. Their where plans to link up Banjo-Kazooie and Banjo-Tooie but they where never done. However it is possible to get the Blue & Pink eggs in Banjo-Tooie and the Ice Key. I can't exactly rember how to get them, but any good cheat or FAQ site will tell you. The eggs allow you to use Homing eggs which home in on enemys, and allow you to grab Kazooie around the neck and smash her against the floor to hurt enemys. The ice key allows you to get the Mega Glowbo, which you take to Wumba and she well transform Kazooie into a dragon (cool hey).
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Julius writes:
While its cool to get to this screen you will just be able to look at em because BT never had the code finished. In short Rare developed this feature but nintendo revised the console so it technically wouldnt work on some models. In all fairness rare scrapped the feature and the code was just left in there. From Wikipedia In 2004, a patent filed by Rare was published which suggests that Stop 'N' Swop involved swapping cartridges with the power off to transfer data. The information would be momentarily retained by utilizing the Rambus memory in the Nintendo 64. As a result of changes done to the Nintendo 64 systems produced in 1999, the system could no longer do this effectively.
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Spyke Binzer writes:
I know there is a way to use the eggs and ice key in banjo-kazooie other than the skip-to-end-sequence thing.I think that the ice key is used in rusty bucket bay because the wall has a key hole in it but i don't know how to put it in there though.I don't know what the *@#$% the eggs are used for.I hate rare because they still haven't told us what they are used for yet.
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squirrelboy writes:
Actually, there will be no use for these secrets. If you have played Banjo-Tooie(the sequel), you probably know that there are two eggs and the ice key for you to find, hidden in Banjo-Kazooie game cartridges! My guess is that Nintendo planned to use the secrets in Banjo-Kazooie to get other secrets in Banjo-Tooie somehow, probably to maximize sales. The idea probably got scraped during the development of Banjo-Tooie and replaced by what we have now.
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Nevah writes:
Actually, Rare never actually SAID they'd have any connectivity between the two cartridges. They said that you would somehow obtain secrets in BT from the banjo-kazooie cartridge, which you already do. The coding in BK could just be there to throw us off!
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rlee writes:
I think that rare planned to use the N64 Disk Drive for Banjo-Tooie. But, unfortunately, the DD never made it over the ocean from Japan to America. A really really really long time ago the Tepid Seat on the Rare website said that they were using an "ingenious way to acces Banjo Kazooie from the Banjo-Tooie game." They said a bunch of other stuff, and it all sounds like they were planning on using the failed N64DD. Too bad they reverted to the lame trick that they did use.
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Tom writes:
Just thought I'd Say. Actually you can get the ice key in Banjo-Kazooie. If you have a Gameshark that is. Search online for the levitation cheat. This allows you to fly. It works in any platform game. When you press the L button you will rise up into the are and can control the character. Go to the ice cave and go by the spot that leads to the key. Press and hold the L button and you will rise. Then hold the controller in the direction of the key. You will go though the wall becuase the ceiling isn't actually solid. it is just a 2-d render. then once you go though the wall. let go of the L button and you will fall on the other side. Once you get the key, Kazooie will say, "....Ummmmm maybe we should save this for later." Technically you shouldn't be able to get it. So that is just about all you can do with it. Give it a try
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Slipknotic writes:
Well Ive seen Sega Mega Drive II cartridges that can connect togther seeing as one has another cartridge-entry-thingy on the top of it, maybe Rare should have used those, btw, the game was Sonic and Knuckles if im not mistaken
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Both the Ice Key and the eggs do something in Banjo-Tooie. The same goes with the washing machine transformation talked about in another egg here. I agree that Rare probably wanted to use the 64DD with these games, but it didn't work here. If I remember correctly from the last time I played this game, these objects are found contained in Banjo-Kazooie cartridges walking around in Banjo-Tooie. The washing mahine is a regular transformation in that game as well.
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Slipknotic writes:
Why do have a feeling an expansion pack has some sort of link between the two? Shame I dont have one, im probably just thinknig crap, but its probably the only thing that stays with the console after you turn it off.
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jason writes:
I know how BK ans BT are connected. first you need the four eggs in the middle of the stop and swop screen and the ice key. then you need to get the green pots connected so you can go back in forth. jump into the one behind the game show if you glow blue you have done it.If you have all six eggs you can't do this trick. after that go to the room with the two machines in it go to the left and the door should be open then it tells you something about black beard in BT.
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Prblanco writes:
After using codes to get all six eggs and the ice key, is it possible to get rid of them?
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Brad writes:
There is actually a *slight* use for collecting the eggs and Ice Key: Jump in Dingpot to go and fight Gruntilda. Instead of fighting her though, you just go straight to the end sequence (Banjo and Kazooie relaxing, Mumbo up the tree) and Mumbo shows you the secrets which he says you missed. (Yeah, sure Mumbo, why'd I skip the witch then?)
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Getting the eggs and key does not allow you to skip to the end sequence. The game only allows you to fight Gruntilda AND beat her only once. Want to fight her again? Start a new game...
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JDAdams writes:
Rare have said that the feature is still in there, and that they would say something after the PAL release. That would be about now, then.
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Wiz writes:
Gosh, I never did figure out how to get the eggs and key. Nice going! Thanks for letting me know!
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i found out how to get the ice key! you don't even need one of those shark gameplay thingys! just put some eggs in the fire, hit wozza with 200 eggs. then the fire will rise. keep on repaeting this. soon the fire will be really high. then hit the fire with another 200 eggs. then it will follow you. then jump up to the ice wall where the key is behind it. run into the wall. then it should be melted! then go to the igloo. stand on the table and press c to look at the piture of banjo kazooie. then a door apears with the key. press nothing. wait really still. then the nintendo will put the key in. you should apear in a ice world. sorry, but i can't give you anymore informationa. gotta go defeat grunty! banjo kazzoie fan p.s thanks everyone for your tips! they were so helpful!
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Vegeta writes:
Does anyone know what these eggs and key are used for? IS it any way to use them?
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