Clive Barker's Undying Easter Egg - Four Easter Eggs Undying

Shooting Gallery
-Begin the game, walk into the house, and get the short tour from the maid.
-Afterwards, walk to the end of the hall, towards the door near which there lies a health pack.
-Shoot the two square panels near the top of the door.
-The door should open, and inside you'll be treated to a 10 level mini-shooting gallery. Beware, though. This shooting gallery is HARD!

Miniature Theater
-Hit Tab
-Enter "Open Manor_EntranceHall_FromKitch"
-Head towards the paintings on your left
-Jump and try to reach the top of the two outermost paintings. They will become slightly recessed and you will hear a click when you're successful.
-Watch the show!

Giant Sheep
-Hit Tab
-Enter "Open Monastery_Present_Cove"
-Play through the level until you have jumped into the ruined building (from the barn)
-Head to the upper level of this building
-Look for a plank that is extended towards the farm (this is where some howlers were jumping around when you first got into the building)
-Jump up and down at the end of the plank a few times, and you'll see our version of the staypuft marshmallow man...

Disco of Death
-Hit Tab
-Enter "Open Oneiros_HowlingWell"
-Fly up to the big building. Walk in, and down the stairs. Look for a square button on the wall (near the big purple magic field gizmo). Push it with all your might.
-Go back outside. Fly up onto the roof of the building and scrye. Look for a small purple haze, and fly towards it.
-Get ready to boogie!

Patrick strikes out
-Hit Tab
-Enter "Open Manor_Entranchall_night_ReturnFromCove"
-Walk through the first set of doors, and hang a left. A maid will come out.
-After you've talked to her, follow her and hang around for a bit. Perhaps she's not doing anything later tonight.. besides exercising, that is

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Contributed By: Smots on 03-28-2001
Reviewed By: Webmaster
Special Requirements: Just the game
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Disco Miniature Theater Giant Sheep
Disco Miniature Theater Giant Sheep

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constitional writes:
You mentioned,"you'll see OUR version of the..." sounds like you were the programmer that put it there.
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Bill writes:
I think (s)he's just quoting something else, I could be wrong though. But anyway, can anyone help with the sheep marshmallow egg, I managed all of them but that one. I even opened the level in the editor but with my practically non-existent knowledge of the editor I did not see anything odd.
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I found these Exact same easter eggs (word for word) in Game-spot's Game Guide. The Giant Sheep is pretty cool.
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PCG342 writes:
First, this was taken, word-for-word from a magazine. Second, to see the giant sheep, (whenever you have enough space!) simply press [TAB] and type "bring bigsheep" I don't know the name of the massive thing that can follow you througvh the whole game if you can Invoke it, but bigsheep can be Invoked.
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rendy888 writes:
It's easy to pass Shooting Gallery if you use "slomo 0" and "slomo 1" codes ;) (press 'Tab' key)
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