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If you log onto Paul's computer in the secret room at the 'Ton Hotel and read his e-mail, you will find a message for a video store concerning two movies he's ordered: "Blue Harvest" and "See you next Wednesday".

"Blue Harvest" was the fake title used by the production crew during the making of "Return of the Jedi" to avoid too much attention from Star Wars fans.

"See You Next Wednesday" is a line which appears in every John Landis film (read more about this in the Movies/Directors/John Landis section).

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Contributed By: Borderline on 03-07-2001
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jimdigris writes:
Actually, Hate to point out your inaccuracies, but Blue Harvest was the "Cover" title for Star Wars: A New Hope, rather than Return Of The Jedi. The Blue Harvest Logo was similar in typeset and style to the Star Wars logo, and therefore would have been a bit pointless as a cover for the third film in the series.....
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Borderline writes:
Sorry to correct your correction, but Blue Harvest WAS a fake title for Return of the Jedi: Quote from "By the time the final installment of the original star wars trilogy went into production, the space saga had amassed a cult following, and it had become increasingly difficult to keep the project under wraps. Scenes such as the one with Jabba the Hutt's sail barge were particularly troublesome. Shot in Yuma, Arizona, the crew had a hard time avoiding the 35,000 dune buggy enthusiasts in the area. In an attempt to preserve secrecy, producers claimed to be making a horror film entitled, Blue Harvest. They even had caps and T-shirts made up for the crew to throw the wolves off the scent. But even a chain-link fence and a 24-hour security service could not daunt die-hard fans from sneaking onto the set and snapping photographs." Try doing a search on "blue harvest"+"return of the jedi" on the web, and you'll see that quite a lot of people agree on this.
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Chad writes:
On the other hand, there is also the name of the person who sent the email. Somebody by the name of Marcy Plaigrond. That's awfully close to the name of the band "Marcy Playground" don't you think?
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