Snatch Easter Egg - Lock, Stock & Four Smoking Eggs

If you insert disc 2 of Snatch (the special features disc) and wait for the main menu to appear, there are 4 eggs that can be accessed:

1. Press right on your remote until you highlight 'The Making Of Snatch'. Press UP on your remote twice and a musical note appears. Press ENTER and the musical notation for Doug's mobile phone ringtone appears on screen (Hava Nagila - I think!) You can then enter this into several makes of mobile phone (Nokias etc) if you so wish. Whilst on this screen press UP to highlight Doug's picture and press ENTER to receive a greeting from Doug (charmed, I'm sure).

2. From the main menu, again press right until you highlight 'The Making Of Snatch' and press UP three times to highlight a '$' sign. Press ENTER and a list of spot fines incurred during filming will appear (there's 3 pages of these - at least now we know how they managed to pay for the film's budget!)

3. Back on the main menu, highlight 'Next' and press ENTER. On the second menu screen, press right until you highlight 'B-Roll', now press UP twice and an exclamation mark (!) will appear. Press ENTER and a compilation of moments that would make Mary Whitehouse's hair stand on end will play for your delight - Very amusing.

4. Back on the second main menu screen. Press right until you highlight 'B-Roll' again, press UP three times and you will highlight a figure '1'. Press ENTER and a brief selection of movie highlights will be played.

That's it...I think...

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Contributed By: Lee Goodman on 02-19-2001
Reviewed By: Webmaster
Special Requirements: Snatch (Disc 2 - Special Features)
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Dr. Mark writes:
Not sure what to make of this. Are you speaking of the current theatrical film SNATCH? How are you privvy to a DVD version already??? Or are you talking about another film??? Just curious...
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Rev writes:
Dr Mark This is not a privvy dvd. You just need a region 2 copy of the film. Its about time we got hold of films before the rest of the world.
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The European edition of Snatch is already available to buy. That may explain how he found the eggs.
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BullChicken writes:
It isn't an american film, it opened in new zealand in november or so and it would have opened in europe even earlier, the dvd is england zoned and it was released last week. I have a copy myself that turned up today.
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Londonbabe writes:
Listen TewCewl - There are other countries besides USA you know. Snatch is a British film. It was released in the Cinema a year ago here - the DVD came out 2 weeks ago - you can buy it yourself from if you don't believe me. Do you hear incredulous Brits telling Americans they are wrong because they have a DVD of a movie that hasn't yet had its cinema release in the UK? No they have heard of America, and know that they can buy the American DVD on the web.
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SlayerWraith writes:
Nice one Londonbabe! You tell 'em :) Anyway, the eggs are ace! The guns and swearing highlights cracked me up, as did Doug's "greeting" :) Thanx Lee.
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Lee Goodman writes:
Easy now, folks. I didn't realise that this egg would potentially spark some sort of international incident! I have been using for several months now and I realise that many of the DVD related easter eggs originate in region 1 titles, but I am also well aware that eggs found in many region 2 titles (such as the ALI G DVD) also appear, so the site is not aimed just at people in the US. Clearly, the bigger issue here, is the fact that due to the variation in worldwide release dates of films theatrically, release dates of DVDs will also vary. As most people in the UK and Europe who buy DVDs are well aware, there is a much wider range of titles available in the US (Region 1) compared to the UK and Europe (Region 2). That's why a large proportion of DVD owners in Europe buy their machines and have them modified to play all regions, so they can import titles from the US. Most major titles that are released in region 2, are usually already available in the US and so there is less of a problem concerning people in the States importing from region 2. Occasionally, - and 'Snatch' is a good example - titles are released theatrically in the UK before the US and are then released first as a UK DVD. If you really want to start some controversy, why not consider the region 3 release of 'Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon' which came out in January 2001, and is not due for release on region 1 DVD until June / July of this year.
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haunter_01uk writes:
hang on killer bob, how come you have seemed to have forgotten that USA and Canada are not the only people who speak English! what about the UK itself, and Asia, British colonies, and that its also the language of the air. just because a few criminals got kicked out of Britain and sent to what was then a prison island, like Australia once was,and decided to call them selfs pilgrims, and break bread with the natives, doesn't mean you own the rights to the whole world!!! p.s nice egg!
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HED writes:
All I want to know is, is there any way to access these eeggs on the US version of the DVD?
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Sphinx writes:
This isn't really an Egg as such, but when Cousin Avi is in the pub with Doug the Head, The man reading the newspaper in there with them is none other than Guy Ritchie (Writer/Director). Also, on Disc 1 (Stealin' Stones And Breakin' Bones), Highlight Play movie, and press 'up'. now, every time Mickey's character (Brad Pitt) speaks, you get Pikey subtitles.
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Banana writes:
For the United States edition, insert the second disc, highlight the arrow on the first menu, and press up, then right, for the swearing highlights. Select the arrow and move to the second menu, and highlight the arrow there, pressing up, then left for the regular highlights. Fun with a purpose.
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Mizark writes:
USA SNATCH EGGS FOUND, yes I have found them, and I am the master. Of the 4 listed above as the U.K. eggs, I have found 3 on the USA versions. Dougs music can be found on the first DVD by going into audio set up and pressing up twice once the "play movie" option is selected. Then, on the second cd (bonus stuff) on the first menu pressing up and right, once the arrow is selected will bring up the funny curing thing. On the second menu pressing up and left, again having the arrow selected will bring up the "cool scenes" movie. The Ritchie speaks stuff works too, but you probably knew that. Other than that I cant seem to find any more. I really did want to see the list of fines, but alas it would seem that it shall never be. Anyway hope this made some of you all happy.
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