Enjoy Incubus (Incubus) Easter Egg - Hidden Track Plus Backwards Talking

Enter the Enjoy Incubus cd into your cd player
Skip forward to the song titled 'Hilikus'
If you wish to fastforward to hear the hidden track then fast forward to at least 15-16 minutes. It's way after the final song so its definitely very well hidden.
I believe the beginning is something or someone talking backwards. The rest is rumored to be Mike Einzinger's (guitar player for Incubus) birthday.

But wait! Thats not all. After listening to that, switch to the song titled 'Azwethinkweiz'. At the end of the song, someone is definitely talking backwards. I am still yet to figure it out, but I believe it is someone saying "One night we did the h*rb, and azwethinkweiz was born"
I think you can figure out what the word with the star is. If anyone knows the real answer to this, please drop me a line!

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Contributed By: NCCowdew on 02-09-2001
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Special Requirements: Cd player and a copy of Enjoy Incubus
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Doughnut writes:
Actually, a couple of people on this site already found the second egg. They say it says: "Thursday night we smoked indica(as in cannabis indica) and Azwethinkweizim was born." Just liked to let you know.
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SGDstan writes:
Actually, it's Ben Einziger's birthday that's being celebrated. That's Mike's little brother, he's also the guitarist for the band VENT (as evidenced by the very obvious "yo happy birthday ben, whussup" and the record was recorded on ben's birthday.).
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In the beginning of the secret track, there is no one talking backwards
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Alien69LB writes:
just look at the word with the * in it....errrrr...H*rb.....how about harb...er...no!.....how about hurb....mayb....NO!!...it is HERB...u know a DRUG....and otherwise, you were right about whut he says....all except for h*rb.
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