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Most people know that "The Matrix" has many similarities to the Bible.
Some are:
1. Near the beginning of the movie, when Neo gives a man some discs, the guy says something like "you're my personal jesus christ."
2. The name "Neo" is an anagram for "one" and he is refered to as "the one" several times in the movie.
3. Elements in the movie have names like "Zion", "Nebucanezzah", and "Trinity."
4. When Agent Smith is talking to Morpheus he states that originally the matrix was perfect without suffering but the humans couldn't handle it. This is obviously an allusion to Eden.
5. Neo dies and comes back to life.
6. The final scene shows neo flying, paralleling the ascention.
I know that a violent thriller, starring Keanu Reeves, with Marilyn Manson on the soundtrack, representing the bible is unthinkable but the connections are undeniable. And the movie rocks! There are probably more links than the ones I provided, so please put yours under the comments section.

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VF_103_PYRO writes:
While the debate over religious overtones continues to drive on in an endless banter, I would like To enlighten everyone and urge you to focus on the true theme of the movie!!! In the beginning of the movie Neo hands over a disk and asks, "you ever have that feeling where you're not sure if you're awake or still dreaming?" Ironically soon after Neo accompanies his friend to some kind of club where hew meets Trinity, at the end of their conversation the music fades into the sound of his alarm clock and Neo awakens...or does he??? He was in fact dreaming the whole time, from the time he got the message "wake up, Neo..." on his computer to the end of the club scene where he "wakes up"... in the story he wakes up and goes to work to get reamed by his boss for being late where shortly after he tries to escape being taken into custody by the Agents, but ends up in their custody anyway. During the interrogation, he is "bugged" but suddenly "wakes up" again...or does he??? This happens repeatedly because at this point in the movie, Neo is never awake, he is always asleep and dreaming as his view of the "real" world is in fact a dream he is having which has been created and implemented into his brain by the machines. After he "wakes up" he gets another phone call from Morpheous, and arranges to meet him. At this meeting he has a conversation with Morpheous,in which he states that he does not believe in "fate" because he " does not like the idea that he is not in control of his own life." Another key point...His own "life" as he knows it is in fact a very long very real dream...hence the idea of not knowing weather you are awake or still dreaming. A few minutes after taking the red pill, while he is being hooked up to some kind of program implementer Morpheous asks Neo, "Have you ever had a dream that you were so sure was real?" Shortly after Neo is truly awaken for the first time since the beginning of the movie. Throughout the rest of the movie Neo is told that he is "The one". He is being taught by Morpheous, that as long as he realizes he is only dreaming that He can control his dream, and change the matrix (or dream) as he sees fit. The same as the man Morpheous refers to as the one who "freed the first of us...taught us the truth... A man born inside the matrix who had the ability to "change whatever he remake the matrix as he saw fit" Neo is then taught that if he can believe he is dreaming that he too can change his dream or the program as he sees fit, and will enlighten the human race as Morpheous did for him. This is the true theme to the movie, that When you are dreaming there sometimes comes a point where you are not sure if you are awake or still dreaming, and if at that point you can convince your brain that it is not reality but only a dream than you can change the story as you go...or "remake it as you see fit" However if this is true than why is Neo "the one"? Morpheous is aware of what the matrix is, he knows it is just a dream, as does everyone else on his ship, so why cant they all do the same thing, change it as they see fit? I don't know... ask the writer...As for the Biblical connotations, the movie is loaded with them, this is an obvious fact, and there should not be such a heated debate about it. And by the way, the little boy was right, "there is no spoon" ~S~ --PYRO--
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martin writes:
Hi ya everybody! First of all, it's not nessesary to insult people just for their "grammar". There are millions of people surfing the web who are not english or american and aren't that good in your language. So that's my excuse for the following comments, if they are spelled wrong ;-) It's true, i agree, that there are biblical references in this great movie. But don't take it to far! The bible is a great book and worth reading as many times as you all saw this movie, and you will also be amazed how much connections it has between all these books, all 66 of them! Because of the immense content of all these books, you can find as much connections to the movie as to your own life as well. So it's no surprise that there is a lot being written about biblical connections to this movie. Some of the connections that are intended by the makers are sometimes too far-fetched, but this movie certainly can put people to think about life, in a way they never thought about before. Did you realize that we actually life in a matrix? No really, I'm not crazy ;-). We are kept hostage by sin! Eventually this means death for everybody. And this world we accept because we see what we believe and believe what we see. There just doesn't seem to be an exit to it all. But, to tell you the truth, I am a rebel and escaped this 'matrix'. Because I got to know the real NEO. Want to know who he is? Just read john 3:16 in the bible.
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TRiNiTY writes:
There seem to be a lot of people who seem to think they know a lot about The Matrix, but obviously know quite little about such a diverse piece of writing. Consider visiting as it contains all the TRUE and correct facts about the Matrix, and comprehensive tables outlining the significance of names, numbers, symbols and references. Well worth it.
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meanc writes:
JDogg why you need to insult, and your the DUMBASS. Why don't you check a dictionary first. ANAGRAM; A word or phrase formed by reordering the letters of another word or phrase.
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Well, "Master", as long as we're working on our "spelling and grammer", let's consider the fact that the word is actually spelled "grammar" so much for the education.
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EN44 writes:
Almost all of you are immature, inconsiderate jerks. You insult each other for making innocent observations, then make your own comment that is almost identical to the one you were mocking. Many of the ideas in The Matrix do seem to be taken from the Bible, but they are nothing compared to Jesus Christ himself. You all wrote things that seemed to show that you have some knowledge of the Bible, you also seem to be intelligent beings. But you all have another thing in common. Foolishness. You make fun of someone for coming to this sight when you are here. Why? I suggest that each of you should get a life. As for the innocent person who first began this observant page, I apologize for the insults you received. You are clearly a smart person and I appreciate your ideas.
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wobble writes:
i'm not sure but maybe the significance of cypher's name is the same as neo's. if neo is one than cypher must be zero. that's what the word cypher means anyway. anyway ones and zeros make up all binary code. this seems to make more sense at least for cypher's name.
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Hey! One more thing: Tank and Dozer are real born in the real world. A tank and a (bull)dozer are both man-made machines. The other names are (besides all the other meanings) computer terms (e.g. a switch, a mouse).
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quasio writes:
What about Neo's real name: Thomas Anderson? Thomas was the apostle that could not see real faith until he truly believed. Hmm. Also the name Anderson translates in some languages to mean the son of man. This is an allusionto jesus.
22 of 25 people found this comment helpful. Did you? Yes No and are great sites but anyways, I have more theories and name descriptions to add: The Trinity-order (also Trinitarier) was a Catholic order, which tried to buy the Christian slaves free. Trinity also means "the Father, the Son, and the Holy Ghost". Apoc is a removal or denial of something. And what is that about Morpheus? Morpheus is the god of sleep/dreams. When you are 'in the arms of Morpheus' you are sleeping... Wasn't Morpheus the one who woke up Neo and the others? That doesn't seem to fit??? Or maybe it is like Cypher said: "The Matrix can be more real than this world." Maybe the Matrix IS the real world! Or maybe I'm just babbling... P.S. Animal 56 and Filmchick, how can you call the original egg 'not an egg'? That is exactly what it is! Eggs are connections to something else, that are discovered only by insiders (or people who knows a lot about the subject that the movie is discussing) or people who are perceptive to the movie. Something "secret". Well at least until someone posts it on this or a similar site. (I mean most people knows that The Matrix has strong connections to the best selling book ever...)(and the wasn't SO hard to figure out. But MOSTLY it is.)
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Also, "Agent Smith" translated into the click talk of some african tribes is "Angel of Darkness"
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andrew writes:
One thing i have to say about all this bible related stuff. When the oracle told neo that he wasn't the one and that he was waiting for something like his next life. This at first confused me as to why or how he became the one at the end of the movie when trinity told me to wake up. Then it hit me, now we believe that in the bible when you die you go to heaven and supposedly that our soul lives on and in Buddhism your soul moves on to its next life manifested into another body. In the movie neo dies and is clinicly dead yet he wakes up again, how? I think that neo ended one life in that movie woke up again in the next life thus becoming the one and predicting what the oracle said that he was waiting for his next life to become the one. Now you might wonder how this is related to the Bible? Well Jesus died on the cross for us just like neo died saving morpheous and when hung on the cross Mary(ie trinity) wept for him as with two other apostles(morpheos and tank).Yet Jesus woke up after the seventh day as did neo after trinity told him to get up accept neo woke up in a shorter period than seven days. Also the agents and also be the Romans who crucified Jesus after his humiliated walk to the hill like neo being chased by the agents. Well thats all i got to say happy movie viewing :-1
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Dark Smurf writes:
Actually, the man who receives the disks from Neo (his name is Choi) says, "You're my savior, man. My own personal Jesus Christ."
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Jonathan Tu writes:
Luke - that's the most ridiculous connection I've seen in this comment thread, and there are plenty of other ridiculous connections here. Yes, obviously, there are some references to biblical things. I would venture to say Neo's name has more to do with it's origins as a prefix meaning "new" than anything else. I would also venture to say that Zion is meant to represent the fact that it is a center of life, just like the temple on the hill that was named Zion in the Bible. Lastly, I'm surprised no one mentioned Morpheus's reference to the original savior, who woke him up. I wouldn't be at all surprised if this reference is a biblical one - ie, that of Jesus Christ. Considering the nature of the Matrix (it's a thing of computers and numbers), I'm sure reality could be altered in some way or form so that this savior was actually Christ in the Matrix world. It's a wacky theory, and it isn't supported by the fact that Morpheus himself explains the current state of the world as the reprecussions of artificial intelligence, meaning that it occurs quite some time after the time of Christ. Still, when I heard that one, I immediatedly connected it to Jesus, and thought this might be a clever way of the writers to explain that phenomenon/point in history.
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Mace Soul writes:
I didn't catch a few of these, but it was obvious during the movie he was supposed to be the second coming of Christ. The name Neo (Latin for new) struck me as the "New Christ".
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Starhawk writes:
As to what Jamal is saying: the "role" for the characters is in different archetypes. For example: Obi Wan is based in the "wise old teacher," as are Yoda and the Oracle. (Notice that as age increases so does wisdom.) The "hero" is a young man who is searching for the truth about himself and others.
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easyquestion writes:
I don't think movie themes or references should be considered eggs. References to the bible, and literature in general appear in nearly all movies with little exception. That is the nature of story telling. There are also a lot of references to drugs in the movie, like "Alice in Wonderland" and the pills etc. Dreams, drugs, the bible, these are all elements used to tell a story. Not eggs. There are probably references to the bible the authors never even intended. The window washers being the Wachowski brothers, that's an egg.
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amanzo81 writes:
In case anyone wanted to know, the Sol in the Poster is an ad for the Mexican Beer, SOL Cerveza. And in reference to the person that said that they were given new names when the entered the matrix, they already had those names. They were their hacker names. Also, Neo isn't out to save the matrix, he wants to destroy it.
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VF_103_PYRO writes:
Just a little tidbit for those of you out there who seem to think the movie is based on the bible...although the movie does contain numerous similarities and references to the bible the movie as a whole is in fact based on the book "Simulacra & Simulation" written by: Jean Baudrillard This book talks about the similarities between real life and dreams, and about hidden messages and things that seem to be one thing but in fact are something else. which is a theme that is driving you all mad! and for those of you who didn't notice this is the very book that Neo opens in the beginning of the movie to get his bootleg disk and puts his 2,000 dollars in....which in itself is not what it appears to be. it appears to be a book but is in fact a safe of sorts...and as for the movie..heres the kicker...this one will really "bake your noodle" The movie itself appears to be based on the bible, but in fact is based on the book "Simulacra & Simulation" ~S~ --PYRO--
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ME! writes:
This is so true, also if you check on the writing of the ship when they are showing Neo the ship for the first time you will see Mark some thing some thing if you check that texts it has to do with losts souls and stuff. Also the question about not having faith is another issue, this show has some deep religious implications for real!
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sagacious writes:
Well, if you refer to the font of peter 11:6, I think you will find not only the answers to the subtexts and alliteration of sections of this isostasy. The only parafont present to the state of the itinary, you may find the machinations of the machiavellian (deliberate alliteration there)quite interesting. The average commoner in this film must be as reference to the apostles of not only Jesus Christ but the new Christ who is the lead character of the meaning of the film. There has been an itinerary found in the background of the opening scenes, if you look at the numbers on the computers. If you look closely you may find a pattern. Morpheus transparled into Native and primative Gelfian Tetua, is a direct simile and obvious incantation of 'the father of the new arisation'. plus if you regard closely the posters of the subway, I will be delighted to have revealed to you, a most insightful picture of the virgin Mary - which I have taken a great deal of time researching and re-catogorizing into sublime personificating metaphors.------If you have any idea what I am talking about please let me know as I have no idea!--------
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neo writes:
If you look, the name of the hover craft which they are are on is called the nebuchadnezzar which means "protect the crown."
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Foxtrot430 writes:
if you guys want to get really technical about the religious stuff, watch the DVD with audio commentary by the music guy and he talks alot about it...and if you're really lazy, watch the scene where he's putting the money in the book and getting the disc, if you have a good TV or whatever, pause it and read the page on the left...has some religious stuff in there too
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IamApriori writes:
I just wanted to say that perhaps "Cypher" is a take on Lucifer. Robert De Niro's 1987 film 'Angel Heart' may be a good film for may of you writing in regarding religious implications in films. Mickey Rourke as Mr. Angel, Lisa Bonet as Epiphany and De Niro as Louis Cypher. Very good film.
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All this talk about Neo being an anagram is pretty lame. True enough, it is an anagram for "One" (hey jdogg, you nit-wit, it doesn't have to be backwards) but it's also Latin for "New." And cant y'all remember that a Cypher is an always returning circle [Cypher returning to the Matrix]? I mean, come on people, imagination is good but some things are easily grasped. Later.
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leviathan writes:
Not to add more fuel to the fire, but in the book of revelation, it's said that we are given new names (new to us anyway) when we enter heaven. This could be said of Keanu's character given the name of Neo. The same could presumably said about his comrades. any thoughts?
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HammenEgger writes:
Here is a website with spiritual parallels on it This site has some things I never even thought about.
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Kristoph writes:
While I agree that The Matrix has a whole lot of Judaeo-Christian overtones, there's a couple of things people are forgetting - first that Morpheus is the Greek god of Dreams, and also the fact the the whole idea of humanity being imprisoned by a malevolent force stems from Descartes' 'evil demon'......
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angrytexan writes:
This movie has a ton of religious allusions. But the most prominent religious reference of them all is that to Buddhism. The entire concept of being able to transcend what we perceive as "reality" was originally conceived by the first Buddha, and seems to be the strongest concept in the film. Think of all the different religions that span the earth. This movie is talking about a fight for humanity, so it would be hard not to include religious themes from each of the major religions in mankind's history.
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dime writes:
this movie is strikingly similar to bishop berkleys theory on the mind body problem. berkley says that there are no physical objects and the things that we think are physical are just perception, this means that the things we see around us arent really there. they arent exactly but it seems the movie could be a hollywood spinoff of something such as berkleys theory
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Ashe writes:
"Neo as Luke, Morpheus as Obi Wan, The Oracle and Yoda". Yeah sure, and Mouse as RD2D. I think you should consider either stop smocking crack or stop watching Star Wars :) By the way, talking about bible references, was "the first man able to remake the Matrix" ... Jesus ? :)
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sk8erwop writes:
Also, Cypher has similarities to people in the bible. He can represent satan because he looks like the devil (goatee) and he is the only one on the ship who wears red. He can also be considered as judis because he betrayed neo and the rest of them with the cell phone and with a sneeze.
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I appreciate that everyone has an opinion but perhaps instead of analyzing the movie to death, just relax and enjoy it. Not everything has to be taken so literal. The film did strike me as maybe a new age second coming of christ type thing but in the same sense there are alot of things in that movie that wouldn't be considered biblical. Besides its really not worth arguing about.
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(For those of you that like to argue over spelling, etc., Sorry I'm only 17) I agree that the Matrix has a lot of things in common with the Bible, and for a good reason. The writings of Christ in the New Testament are very compelling, dramatic, and life changing. The Bible is the greatest work in literature, being the core book for two out of the three major world religions. It's stories have and will always be read my billions of people. What better recipe for a good story? I think the writers saw the power of the Bible and wrote a story that drew on it. I just have one other thing to mention that I didn't see on here, the movie contains Prophets, just like the Bible is a book of Prophets.
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badjelly writes:
I'm not sure about this, but someone told me Neo was 33, the same age as jesus when he died.
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Starhawk writes:
No matter the differences each of us have in our opinions, each one has a valid argument that is correct if it can be supported in fact. Each one of the argumentative people on this link forget that there is no right of wrong answer.
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Jamal Wills writes:
When George Lucas wrote Star Wars, he based it on basic mythological themes found in many religions. Knowing this, they might have used the same strategy. Besides the Alice in Wonderland references, the most connections I made was to Star Wars. (Neo as Luke, Morpheus as Obi Wan, The Oracle and Yoda, etc.) These are roles that come into play in many different stories. The hero has a thousand faces.
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About the SOL on the wall in the subway...... one of the apostles' original names was Saul, can't remember which one, and when he began to follow jesus, his name was changed.......have to look that up later. But, that's just my two cents worth for the topic
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Theladiesman writes:
Okay, let's start with the word "Ascension"... not "Ascention"... Then as defc0n_01 said... It's actually "grammar" not "grammer"... and LAST, but definitely not least.. "ludicrosity" isn't even a WORD! Hey, let's talk about hypocritical people for a moment, that complain about spelling and "grammer"... or not, I don't really care. hahaha
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And NO - the thing with the names are not just coincidences!
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Animal 56 writes:
Ummm..this probably has more to do with the writing than being an Easter Egg.
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Mark writes:
The guy doesn't say "you are my personal Jesus Christ," He says "You are my personal savior, you and my man Jesus Christ."
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Mark writes:
filmchick, watch the children's movie The Land Before Time, and eat your computer. Cypher, is close to Cepheas. In the Bible, Jesus tells Simon "you will be called Peter." Peter in latin is Cepheas. Cepheas in Hebrew is Rock. This could be a reference to an apostle. Too bad he went bad. Cypher was awesome.
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alexkozak writes:
You guys are all insane. It is just an awesome movie, and it is NOT solely based on the bible. Sure, there might be a few similarities, but don't take it too far. You guys are really stretching the whole religious reference thing. Stop it, and get some sleep.
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SockMonkey writes:
This has probably occurred to you. Every name has a meaning. Some of the names in the Matrix are obviously not coincidences (Neo = New/The One) but i work on movie sets all the time. I can tell you, not alot of thought goes into the character names of the "non-stars" (if u follow me). How do the names Tank and Mouse relate to the bible? they dont. Hmmm.. confusing post, i know.
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