EverQuest Easter Egg - Fortune-Seekers Not Welcome in the Plane of Growth

This egg shows how dangerous it can be to reveal dark intent to Non-Player Characters (NPCs) within the world of EverQuest. Note: "phat lewts" is common slang for high-level or highly-valuable loot obtained usually by slaying very high-level creatures.

Go to the Plane of Growth

Seek out Prince Thirneg, a satyr (like Phil in Disney's Hercules).

Target him and use the /hail command. He will respond by saying, "Salutations, (yourracehere) (yournamehere)! I am the Prince of the Tunarean Court! What brings you to this most sacred of all Tunare's blessed creations?"

Answer him by saying, "I have come here for Phat Lewts."

Prince Thirneg will then say, "You will find no 'Phat Lewts' here!! Your selfishness will be your downfall!" and slay you on the spot, apparently using Death Touch or something equally powerful on you.

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Contributed By: Anonymous on 12-26-2000
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Special Requirements: EverQuest and the Scars of Velious expansion, and a character of sufficient level to enter the Plane of Growth in Velious, and willingness for your character to die to see the egg.
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sesame85 writes:
Actually, this one is listed in CGW (Computer gaming world)
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Exactly how do you find these out?
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