A10 Cuba Easter Egg - Cheat Codes (NOT AN EGG)

Cheat Codes

To activate a cheat, first enable Invincible Aircraft control. Then enter its corresponding code below.

Cheat Code
Gain altitude (+500ft) [Ctrl] + [Tab]
Slow motion [Ctrl] + [Tab] + S

Literal Control Mode

To direct aircraft with literal control (i.e, "up" is UP and "down" is DOWN), enable invincible aircraft control and push [Ctrl] + [Tab] + X. Then, using either the joystick or numeric keypad direct the aircraft.

Direction Shortcut Key
Move backward* [2]
Move down* [1]
Move forward* [8]
Move left* [4]
Move right* [6]
Move up* [7]

* Entered with numeric keypad

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Contributed By: Salil on 12-21-2000
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TED writes:
I'm getting altitude sick from going up & down.
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wormer writes:
Do any of the people who read this egg know what the white 4x4s in Silent Thunder; A10 tank killer 2 are all about? There seems to be 1 and 1 only 4x4 hidden in every level. When you blow them up it says things like "That wasn't a rental,sir", "Was that a white 4x4", "Strange, we didn't notice that 4x4" etc. I think they're some sort of points bonus, but I'm not sure. The most obvious 4x4 is in one of the Columbia missions, where there's one sitting on your own runway. In "Retaking Khaji" there's one just to the land side of the town. Every level I've gone looking for one there's one hidden somewhere.
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