Rune Easter Egg - Cheat Codes (NOT AN EGG)

Cheat Mode
This can be done a couple of different ways, you can either bind a couple of keys before you play the game or you can access the Rune's System Console while you play. To bind the keys, open your Rune's folder and locate the system folder, now locate your User.ini file. Open the User.ini file using either wordpad or notepad. Next, locate the line "K=". After the = sign type CheatPlease (it'll look like this: K=CheatPlease). On the line "G=" type God after the = sign (it'll look like this: G=God). Close the User.ini file and enter your game. Start a game as normal, while your playing you can now hit the K Button to enable the Cheat Mode, hit the G Button to enable God Mode. This'll mean you're now invincible. You can hit the buttons again to disable these cheats. This can be done another way also, instead of editing your User.ini file you can hit the TAB button during gameplay to access the Rune's System Console. Once you've accessed the console type CHEATPLEASE This will enable the Cheat Mode. Once you have done that you can access the game's System Console at any time during the game to enable certain cheats.
God Mode

No clipping mode. You will be able to float through walls and floors and ceilings.

Turn the clipping mode back on. Disables the No clipping mode.

Summon Items
During the game, hit the TAB Button to access the Rune's System Console. Type: Summon XXXX (XXXX= item name. Provided below).

Type: To receive:

VikingShortSword Viking Short Sword

RomanSword Roman Sword

VikingBroadSword Viking Broad Sword

DwarfWorkSword Dwarven Work Sword

DwarfBattleSword Dwarven Battle Sword

HandAxe Hand Axe

GoblinAxe Goblin Axe

VikingAxe Viking Axe

SigurdAxe Sigurds Axe

DwarfBattleAxe Dwarven Battle Axe

RustyMace Rusty Mace

GoblinBoneClub Goblin Bone Club

TrialPitMace Trial Pit Mace

DwarfWorkHammer Dwarven Work Hammer

DwarfBattleHammer Dwarven Battle Hammer

RuneofPower Rune Power

RuneofHealth Health

DarkShield Dark Shield

Vikingshield Viking Shield

Goblinshield Goblin Shield

Dwarfshield Dwarven shield

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