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The movie Conan is a design fest. Ron Cobb the production designer worked overtime on the visual treats. He has a cameo as a drug dealer early in the film. He is trying to sell Black Lotus to Conan and Subotai.
He also designed Subotai's climbing hooks to look like lightning bolts. Jerry Lopez, the actor who plays Subotai, owns a company called Lightning Bolt and this was Cobb's tribute to that.
Another neat design is the lettering on Conan's sword. It probably cannot be seen in the movie but it can in clear photos. Ron Cobb was asked to add an inscription to the blade. John Millius, the director, wanted it in English. Cobb thought it should not be, because the film takes place in a far away land. They compromised. The writing is in English, but the letters are turned sideways and come down the length of the blade. The message? "Suffer no Guilt Yee who wield this in the name of Crom." Crom is the Cimmerian people's God.

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Contributed By: Toshiro on 12-15-2000
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Special Requirements: Copy of the film on video
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fudrom writes:
Sorry but I don't see this as an Easter Egg, if you have the DVD, then this info is readily available, not hidden at all.
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It's interesting that the production designer plays a drug dealer. When Conan gives Crom an ultimatum (help me win or to hell with you) it reminds me of Raoul Duke in "Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas" when he says, "You'd better take care of me Lord, or you'll have me on your hands!" Can't think of too many movies where the main character overtly threatens God.
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conchobar writes:
If you need the "behind the scenes" or the "freeze frame" options on the DVD to find something, I think it counts as an eegg...besides which, Toshiro clearly states that he's working off of the VHS copy of the movie. Don't be pedantic.
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