Monkey Island 1 Easter Egg - The Only Way to Kill Guybrush

1. Get thrown in the water by the sherrif once you steal the Idol.
2. Once under water, wait for about 9 mins.
3. Guybrush will start to change colors.
4. Wait for another 5 mins
5. Guybrush will start to expand like a fish!
6. You will now have a different selection of commands to use, but you will be dead.

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Contributed By: George Kotsiaris on 07-10-1999
Reviewed By: Webmaster
Special Requirements: None
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Vegeta writes:
You can almost kill Guybrush in another way too (but he will not die). When you are at the top of the cliff on Monkey Island where you push down rocks, go to the far right end of the cliff. It will break and Guybrush will fall down. A window will appear saying you died, but Guybrush will bounce up to the cliff again, saying "Rubber Tree".
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Johny writes:
When the important-looking pirates ask if you have any special skills, you say you can hold your breath for ten minutes. It takes about ten minutes for you to drown. This can't be coincidental. And, in monkey island 2, when you're underwater and have picked up the monkey head, if you wait for ten minutes, guybrush will turn bluer, and eventually drop the monkey head and swim back to the surface.
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