Mr. Crowley (Ozzy) Easter Egg - All About Aleister

Mr. Crowley was an actual person, named Aleister Crowley.

"and they scattered the afterbirth"
refers to the fact that when Aleister was born, they actually did scatter his mother's afterbirth, because he was born with a birthmark that was considered a "bad omen" (or something like that).

I'm assuming that since horse usually referes to heroin, the "won't you ride my WHITE horse" Ozzy refers to is opium, Aleister's drug of choice.

"i wanna know what you meant" refers to the fact that Crowley was a devout user of the Kabbalah in his writings and one could spend an eternity "decoding" them.

I'm sure that a Crowley scholar could clarify and elaborate on this, if any are out there...

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jtmichaelson writes:
As per Ozzy: "I was drunk that night and we laid the music down before I sang the damned thing (Mr. Crowley). I wrote the lyrics when I was probably high on some s**t, but I can't remember. I read the book about Alister Crowley some time before and remembered this and that when I wrote they lyrics. I only know the lyrics now because somebody printed them on the album cover." "We thought there f**king ghosts in the studio, man. I was freaking out because all of our s**t was everywhere, you know. Clothes scattered on the floor and on the lawn outside. And when we woke up we all just f**king freaked. Randy told us that there was no ghost, it was us being piss drunk and high throwing our s**t all over the studio. Then I wrote the words to 'Mr. Crowley' then." Which goes to show you, despite the facts and tales connected to the song, the bottom line is Ozzy, smarter than the average druggie, wrote words he can't even explain and the world dissects it into their own truths. Ozzy is also as quoted as saying: "Satanist? It takes all I got to get out of f**king bed in the morning, when do I have time to practice Satanism?" And another great Ozzy quote pertaining to the kid who shot himself and Ozzy got blamed through 'Suicide Solution': Now why in the world would I want my fans to kill themselves? Some albums sold so badly, I need all the fans I can get. You have to love a man who is more honest than any 'miracle man' and who knows himself better than most of us know ourselves.
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Ozzy was no satanist. If you have any doubt about this you should listen (and you might have to read the lyrics to) songs like "Lord of this World" and "After Forever." Both of which are blatantly Christian. And while on the subject songs such as "War Pigs" and "Electric Funeral" both have Christian implications, for instance lets analyze the story of both songs, both go through and predict some sort of human induced super destructive war which leads to "Apocalypse" or "the Rapture" or "Armageddon" or whatever your particular culture calls it. "evil souls fall to hell.." this is from "electric funeral" and again from "war pigs" he talks about Satan taking evil people to hell. I am sorry, but Ozzy neither writes of satanism, nor practices it. I think Ozzy should be a preacher, the odd fact is that this old stoner probably knows more about religion than many "Christians." I am a devout orthodox Christian and although I find many of his songs to somewhat not be Christian, I don't particularly think that he says anything wrong. My father is a priest too. I think it proves little or nothing that Christians defame him. He basically nocks the whole tale in his new song "gets me through" "i'm not the kind of person you think I am, I'm not the antichrist or the iron man." I am very ashamed and embarrassed that Christians would choose to defame an innocent man. As far as "suicide solution," listen to it. The song is about his own destructive behaviors, specifically alcoholism, and how bad they are. It has NOTHING to do with actual suicide. If you think it does, then you have the logic, intelligence, and understanding capabilities of a two year old. And on the subject of satanism and the occult, are you people nuts? Why in God's good name would you WANT to go to hell. I don't know about you but an eternity of pain and torture is NOT what I want. Let me put it to you this way, here on earth, you pretty much have control over what you do. If you don't like life, you can change it, but eternity is a long time, and you have no choice once you get there. Trust me, if you like fire, then Satan will just find something else that is bad for you. Torture good, then maybe he will find something that you do not like. And he DOES know. I don't understand this at all. Anyway, Ozzy isn't the devil, his lyrics are Christian and get over it. If you want to hear something satanic, listen to the ramblings of some holy roller on TV trying to sell God. Now that is satanic. If you want to see true satanism, look no further than your destructive government which promotes genocide in some places (Cyprus 1974, promoting Turkish forces by holding Greeks out of the country while allowing some 50,000 Turkish soldiers in, still there are 1,590 missing, and 180,000 Greeks lost their homes) and denying Christian governments from warding off Moslem terrorists (2000 Serbia, Kosovo Liberation Army, which is a terrorist group looking to proliferate Moslem culture by destroying the Christian area of Kosovo in which many Orthodox Monasteries and Convents exist.) But either way, please leave Ozzy alone, he is really cool.
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Rhia writes:
Aleister Crowley changed his name so he would not share the same name as his father. It was not so his name would add up to 666. Read his Bio. 666 wasnt even a big thing in his life untill he married his second wife and went to Egytp. There he conjured what he thought was his gaurdian angel "AIWASS" and took note on what the entity said to him. From this came "Liber AL vel Legis" AKA the book of the law. 666 came in when his then wife all of a sudden became clairvoyant and started receiving messages from an ancient good "HORUS". He took her to a museum, and after passing several images of Horus, she pointed across the room to a stele which could not be clearly seen from where they stood. When they examined the stele (now referred to as the Stele of Revealing), it was painted with the image of Horus, and to Crowley's further conviction, it was labelled as item number 666 in the museum catalog. That my friends is how 666 came into Crowley's life. Please people know your history before requoting it.
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pain_brush writes:
This whole string of comments is abso. NOT easter-eggish period. Yes HE DOES SING SCATTER THE AFTERBIRTH in the song,& this IS in the liner-notes of the original L.P. put in the song because this is an ANCIENT practice of superstitious people to burn & scatter the afterbirth so that witches couldn't aquire it & gain 'power' over you or your 'soul'.& Which is well known to be some rubbish invented by Crowley about his life,-just like the thing of his mother & nanny calling him 'the beast'! & As stated above Ozzy, believing some of what he had read, believed Crowleys mom did as stated.I used to be a big Oz fan(before he became a cartoon character)- as well as an 'expert' on all things occult INCLUDING satanism blah-blah etc. All utter nonsense. Crowley loved the bad-press & notoriety he got, & the nick-name he invented for himself & 'credited' to his superstitious mother & NANNY actually,as the story really goes(who he also hinted at different times was a witch & his first lay who 'initiated' him !) .He was a mostly-homosexual/occasionally-omnisexual (think about that one),- who was 'alleged'to have'raped' a young male'acolyte'who went on a 'magick' journey to egypt,this one occasion WAS reported & quickly faded away( but he was never convicted, back in those days,nobody would ever testify to THAT, especially in a MOSLEM COUNTRY !) This is reputed to have happened on NUMEROUS occasions as part of 'THE INITIATION' of numerous little boys besides.A good way to be a pervert,your OWN country has NO jurisdiction over that & the Moslem country might require death for ALL parties involved if it was reported, which sentence they would never DARE to impose on a somewhat wealthy 'prominent' British subject & his 'under-studies'.The kid reporting what 'old uncle Aleister' did would gain NOTHING but humiliation !! Good scheme the old bastard devised there ! Clever magician indeed !! Also, he was THE ORIGINAL COKEHEAD/CRACKHEAD,(one of his SUCCESFUL alchemical dabblings !!) as well as an opiate/possibly heroin/morphine addict.this is WELL established, even based on his own confessions.If a crackheaded-pedophile rapist WHO DID *INDEED* PROCLAIM AT MANY TIMES TO BE A BLACK-MAGICIAN & SORCEROR (sorry, it's true !), if this is your idea of a 'cool' spiritual advisor, maybe you should re-examine things a bit. Anyhow, back to Oz, what astounds me about old 'John' is that if you ever spoke to him, or heard him in interviews, he is a total stuttering verbal dufus ! I can't understand how the man can write some of the (-I have to admit ) 'brilliant' lyrics he comes up with, even if I don't care for the subject matter ! The idea that he didn't know who Crowley was is total nonsense also .
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Rob Saunders writes:
I don't know whether he ever resided there, but Jimmy Page certainly once owned Crowley's old house at Boleskine (on the South side of Loch Ness). He was rumoured to be planning to turn it into a museum but I think that fell through. I'm not sure if JP still owns it. Some Crowley trivia: - he was a first-class mountaineer who was on one of the early Kangchenjunga expeditions; - he was an early populariser of the "haggis-hunting" joke (where the Scottish locals wind up the tourists by offering to take them on haggis hunts (a haggis is actually a kind of sausage with attitude made from oatmeal and bits of sheep); - he supposedly adopted the spelling 'Aleister' because someone told him it was more authentically Scottish (it isn't)
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Zoso writes:
It says: "Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the law. Love is the law, love under will!". If you quote, quote right!
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Juan writes:
Just some facts about CROWLEY: October 12, 1875 Born at Leamington Spa, Warwickshire. 1896 First mystical experience on a visit to Stockholm. He writes;"I was awakened to the knowledge that I possessed a magical means of becoming conscious of and satisfying a part of my nature which had up to that moment concealed itself from me. It was an experience of horror and pain, combined with a certain ghostly terror, yet at the same time it was the key to the purest and holiest spiritual ecstasy that exists". 1903 Marries Rose Kelly, the sister of Gerald Kelly. 1903-4 Honeymoon travels to Paris, Naples, Cairo and India; return to Cairo. 1909-13 Publishes the first ten numbers of The Equinox. 1909 Divorces Rose Kelly. Crowley accepts the grade of Master of the Temple. 1920 Abbey of Thelema founded in Cefalu, Sicily. 1923 Crowley expelled from Sicily by Mussolini. 1929 Crowley expelled from France. 1935 Crowley made bankrupt. 1945 Crowley retires to 'Netherwood', Hastings and works on Magick without Tears. 1947 Completes 'Olla', his third anthology of poetry. Crowley dies on the 1 December. Crowley is cremated in Brighton. The Brighton Council afterwards delivered a protest in regards to the contents of the Last Ritual: "We shall take all necessary steps to prevent such an incident occurring again".
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Actually in Revelation 6:2-8, there were four horsemen, one of which rode a white horse, one rode a red horse, one rode a black horse, and another, Death rode a pale horse. Rev. 6:2 says: "And I saw, and behold a white horse; and he that sat on him had a bow; and a crown was given unto him, and he went forth conquering, and to conquer." So the reference is to THIS horseman, and not death on his pale horse. While the Ozz-man ain't exactly the world's best person or an upright Christian, he sure as hell ain't made any references to Satanism that weren't warning against it. If you listen to the live version of Mr. Crowley, when Ozzy says "Yeah you waited on Satan's call" he says it like it's the worst insult he can think of, but he almost sounds scared or sad at the same time. As for "Suicide Solution," it was actually about Bon Scott, AC/DC's late singer and Ozzy's good friend. There are no subliminal messages, either--I've listened to that song ten thousand times with no ill effects.
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Mike B. writes:
The line, "Was it polemically sent?" refers to Crowley's habit of signing his letters "Polemically yours, Aleister Crowley." And no, I don't know what "polemically" means, either...
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I don't think Ozzy penned this song.There would be many anon writers of this kind of material,that would be quite happy to go unknown. Just having it reach many young people is what would be important. What better messenger than Ozzy to do this.This is maybe why Ozzy has no recall of writing this song.
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cuko writes:
Actually, the white horse reference is based on the superstition that white horses (which represent purity) will not walk over the grave of someone evil. Likewise, the white horse would throw the rider if he/she is evil. Not that I believe this (at all), but that is why Ozzy says....won't you ride my white horse.
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osiris321 writes:
Crowley wasn't evil, he just knew more about things that most people find frightening. The phrase "Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the law. Love is the law, love under will!" Has been often misinterpreted. "Do what thou Wilt" does NOT mean do whatever you want to, it really means do what you WILL, that is, use your force of will under the guidance of love. Magick is all about using your force of will, something that we do all the time.
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Zoso writes:
LaVey was, frankly, an idiot. Not only was he a so-called satanist (I can see only a few things on LaVey that made him a real satanist, by the way), but he also made satanism (which is a religion, never forget that, people) a commercial thing. It was suddenly quite popular to be a "satanist" and many people joined the Church of Satan without knowing anything. Crowley knew what he was talking about and LaVey was good at copying him, but he never understood him. I think there are very few people who actually do. I dont like LaVey either.
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Amp writes:
Mr. Crowley is also the name of a milk brand.
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kuja writes:
I think, "I wanna know what you meant" refered to one of his books, The Book of Lies. For finding info on Crowley is the best search engine to use. It is an occult search engine.
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JEZZE writes:
I had a thought on a comment earlier: "which of course we all know that christians are so holier than thou. Seldom wrong and able to judge as though they were God themselves." There mabey people like that but they are not true christians. I'm a christian and I don't judge people. One of my good friends has become an alchaholic and I don't reject him. I try and help him. I have a lot of non christian friends. I just hope that they can come to God some day and I tell them that and try to talk to them about it. That's what being a christians about. Jesus ate (a sign of friendship) with the tax collectors and prostitutes(scum of the earth in those days). So in the bible we are told not to judge others because we are no better than anyone. We were saved through God's grace. He didn't have to save us though. On the satanism topic modern satanism is much like hedonism. They believe that you are the most important person and we are to follow Satans example of rebelling from God. As he rejected God we must reject people who try to stifle us. And supposedley "think for ourselves." If everyone "thought for themselves" it would be complete anarchy.
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I'm not sure this really qualifies as an easter egg, as the song was designed to be biographical to begin with. Aleister Crowley was perhaps the most prominent black magician of the 20th century, and wrote extensively on the subject. (An interesting aside, Jimmy Page, who reportedly owns an occult oriented store in England, also supposedly resides in Crowley's house - this is but a rumor) The word "polemic" is a noun which refers to feud or controversy.
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KennyMo writes:
"Mr. Crowley, did you speak with the dead? I want to know what you said......." "In nocturnal (night) rapport (conversations) " He supposedly communicated with the dead, going so far as to spend a night in one of the Great Pyramids to attempt to contact one of the dead Pharoahs.
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''. writes:
Yes Zoso, you are right of course. :) many people still misunderstand for those of you saying Crowley was a Satanist...or Evil or something.. maybe...Mr Lavey borrowed..or took some of A.C's works. Still, Crowley himself was not a Satanist or...believed in Satan. Or..rebelled against God and said stuff like LaVey. If LaVey used words in Book of the Law, modified it and made his philosophy, he...hasn't done something not very sensible. He has done something he shouldn't. Also, he just borrowed stuff he didn't understand..and twisted it. Don't Compare 'LaVey' with Master Therion.
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Magenta writes:
Today is the first day that I have ever heard of this website, and strangely enough, I just bought Diary of a Drug Fiend, by Aleister Crowley. I also just happen to be Ozzy's biggest and devoted fan (my opinion of course). My comment is, Aleister Crowley was completely misunderstood just like all people and things that are not accepted by society or deemed "normal". If you look back at the History of Witchcraft, almost all references to it before say the early sixties were written by Christians. Which of course we all know that christians are so holier than thou. Seldom wrong and able to judge as though they were God themselves. Most things written about Aleister were by the same close minded non sinning individuals who claim to know so much, but know so little. The one thing that made Aleister different compared to others back then who were like him was the fact that he did not hide who he was, but spoke and wrote openly about it. That is how it should be, too bad it's not!
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''. writes:
Jack, what the heck are you saying?...Do you actually know about Aleister Crowley?. If you are trying to comment, do research on him first. At least look for 'Aleister Crowley' in..any search engine. You seem to confuse mr Anton with Crowley. Aleister Crowley had nothing to do with LaVey, and he died in 1947. He was NOT a SATANIST, or a BLACK Magician or EVIL...and zoso said..if you are going to QUOTE..quote right. ...=I don't know much about Crowley myself, seem be very misinformed, just happen to see link to this discussion or something= last thing...what is evil?
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Zoso writes:
Thanx a lot roguespear. What is evil? Satan or the Devil were christian inventions, something that was needed for the whole thing to work - you wouldn't believe in God if you don't believe in Satan. Crowley wanted to break with it - the holy church and the establishment got angry and called him a satanist. And there a still people who believe it ... :-)
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BBoy writes:
Mr. Crowley was played by Randy Rhodes, Fleshwreck. Not Zack.
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Crowley writes:
"They scattered the after birth" is a lyric. Ozzy says it right before the first solo. It's Quite Clear. But does "Standing with their backs to the wall" mean? and for the beginning what does "the thrill of it all" mean? but if you play the solo backwards theres a message their(im talking about the first solo) It sounds wierd but theres something. (at 2 minutes and 42 seconds) you have to play the song backwards to hear it, It is kinds creepy( but not as creepy as the LED ZEPPELIN 1) or i might be hearing things.
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R.R.A. writes:
About AC's house close to Loch Ness. It was owned by Jimmy Page, and supposedly his daughter died in that house. I have seen the house ealier this year and talked to the people that live there today. They are quite common people.
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Nocturne writes:
Another little piece of Crowley trivia: His own mother gave him the nickname "The beast", after The Beast 666(go read a bible). Quite a good start if your hunting for the title "most evil man in the world", a title only Crowley has aquired.
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Mikey writes:
Mr Crowley was a practising witch that had forgot to finish one of his incantations that led to some of the evil things that transpired. I would suggest Ozzy knew his subject quite well when he wrote the song because at the time Ozzy was reputed to be into the Dark Side of things as were alot of the British Rockers at the time Led Zepplin etc. Jimmy Page no longer owns the house, no one famous owns just a family that doesn't believe in the claptrap that we are disscussing. Polemic means to decry a religion or beliefs I think as opposed to fueding.
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Zoso writes:
Aleister Edward Crowley was NOT a BLACK magician. He always said that magick (sounds like mage-ick) is not god nor bad. And yes, Jimmy Page was interested in him, but many people are. It is simply not fair to say that everyone who knows Crowley (rhymes with holy, a common mistake, also made by Ozzy)is heavily into the occult. I know Crowley quite well, read some of his books and all, but I'm not evil, and Crowley was NOT evil either.
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Doctor X writes:
The "white horse" comment is a biblical reference to death riding a pale horse.
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Bernie writes:
As a long time Ozzy fan , I very much enjoyed reading all the comments about this subject. What I wonder about is Ozzy's comment in the home video "Don't blame me" , when he talks about biting the head of the bat and all that... He says that he has never been a Satanist or anything , insinuating that they didn't know very much about the subject and that they did a lot of their stuff just to provoke... Are you guys sure that Ozzy really knew so much about what he wrote about in "Mr Crowley"? Maybe he didn't , and wrote this song also just to provoke , without considering the consequenses(people are actually discussing this on a web site half a generation later). I'm not sure. Maybe this is a "shot in the dark"...
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How can you say Crowley was not evil? His doctrines express: "Do what thou wilt;so mete it be. This is the whole of the law..." This is also the first or nine satanic commandments from Anton LaVey's Satanic Bible (which came after Crowley btw.)
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Craftone writes:
Crowley was a boob. An entertainer. Just like LaVey. Now Ed Gein, he was evil. I'd say evil is never knowing there could be anything wrong with doing wrong. Like Ed Gein, he didn't know digging up corpses and eating human flesh was wrong. He just thought Mommy wanted him to...
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MrRoboto writes:
Hate to break it to ya but, "They scattered afterbirth" isn't a lyric. The cover pamphlet of the Blizz. of Oz CD has the lyrics.
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Horuschild writes:
Hello!Just wanted to comment your discussion on A.C. He was never a Satanist. Mr.Crowley was a highly inspired man. People like Him are often misunderstood and bad-mouthed by simple people and enemies. The Book Of The Law is also very easy to twist and turn to what you want it to mean(rather like the unholy bible) A.C was way ahead of his time. It is now we can begin to understand him.
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HoloCoCos writes:
Well, I won´t enter Mr. Crowley´s discussion, but I´ll tell about the song Mr. Crowley, Mr. Yngwie Malmsteen also played this song, it´s a nice version! "Faça o que tu queres, há de ser o todo da lei."
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Necroth writes:
Crowley didn't change his name to "Aleister" because he was told it sounded more Scottish. He changed it because it made his name add up to 666 via numerology. He wasn't a Satanist, but he did propagate the rumours that he was the most evil man in the world. He was an extremist, a drug user, all of these various things. Ozzy was an extremist as well, musically.
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