American Werewolf in London, An Easter Egg - See You Next Wednesday

In the film An American Werewolf in London, David goes to Piccadilly Circus and sees his dead friend across the street at a porno theater. The film is called "See you next Wednesday." This film was directed by John Landis. This title is also on the marquee at the beginning of Michael Jackson's Thriller. In the beginning of Thriller,Michael is in the audience with a girlfriend watching a werewolf movie. When they exit the theater, There is a sign that says " Coming Soon". Under that it says "See You Next Wednesday". Thriller was also directed by John Landis!!!!!!!!!

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Alan writes:
I think you'll find that John Landis mentions "See You Next Wednesday" in all his films. eg It's in a poster on Jamie Lee Curtis' wall in Trading Places & on a billboard in Blue Brothers.
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MovieBuff writes:
"See you next Wednesday" is also seen or heard in John Landis' "Amazon Women On The Moon" and "Kentucky Fried Movie". It's his "signature" of sorts.
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Kid_.A.T. writes:
From C) What are the references to "See You Next Wednesday" in John Landis's movies? (Jerry Boyajian says it should be noted that the *original* "See you next Wednesday" line comes from 2001: A SPACE ODYSSEY. But Dianne Cosner ([email protected]) reports, "The line "See You Next Wednesday", is used when John Landis uses an idea from a screen play that he wrote when he was 15 that was called "See You Next Wednesday." At a convention, Landis said that the movie was very adolescent, just like something a 15-year-old boy would write, and he will never make this film, but he does use ideas from it sometimes, and when he uses an idea from that screen play he gives it credit by inserting a reference to it when he uses it. It's not from 2001, that's just coincidence.") There are actually three trademarks in Landis's movies: Steven Bishop ("Charming Wildcard"), "See You Next Wednesday" previews, posters, or references, and "Girl from Ipanema" music in the background.
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JCox writes:
Also, while they are watching the movie, you can hear some dialogue: "..scrawled in blood!" "See you next Wednesday...." More than one reference in the video!
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SDS writes:
This quote, by John Landis, is taken from the November 2001 edition of the British film magazine Total Film: "I wrote a script when I was young called 'See You Next Wednesday' - it's a line of dialogue from '2001: A Space Oddysey'. It's not in all my movies. People say it is, but it's not. But whenever I take an idea or a line of dialogue from that script, I'll credit it in the movie." It then lists some notable inclusions of SYNW: The Feel-o-rama movie in 'Kentucky Fried Movie'. The porn film in 'An American Werewolf In London'. A poster in Ophelia's apartment in 'Trading Places'. Two posters in the movie producer's office in 'Into The Night'. An army recruitment poster in 'Spies Like Us'. A movie poster in 'Coming To America'. A marquee across the road in 'Innocent Blood'. A background billboard in 'The Blues Brothers'.
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Evil Clown writes:
John Landis also directed "Trading Places" back in the 80's. In Jamie Lee Curtis' (Ophellia's)apartment there is a poster for "See you next Wednesday" on her bedroom wall.
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