Kerosene (Bad Religion) Easter Egg - Kerosene Vedder?

If you've listened to Kerosene, you must have noticed that it's not Mr. Brett or Greg Graffin singing... it's Eddie Vedder! (Yeah, that's punk)

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Contributed By: Prince Mu-Chao on 09-02-1999
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hell yeah thats punk. "Pearl Jam is vilified by the mainstream media like no other band,precisely because they offend the more powerful members of the music industry the way punk should have all along -- by threatening and/or ignoring the very machinery of record sales.Pearl Jam is one of the best examples of a band with "truly punk ethics" in music today. " from the book KISS THIS : Punk In The Present Tense by Gina Arnold some people dont know what punk is all about.I know what punk is all's about music that matters, and it's about's obvious some people only knows of pearl jams early success with hits like alive and jeremy.after pearl jam had those hits they stopped making videos and doing press in an attempt to live a normal life and keep their ferocious integrity and punk ideals intact.even in the days of jeremy eddie was still a punk kid wearing a minor threat shirt and horrified by the sudden onslaught of fame. if people really researched and listened he would give pearl jam credit. pearl jam's ed vedder is an absolute aficionado of punk music, he lives and breathes it.ed vedder has done several 3 hour pirate radio punk shows just so he can force big radio stations to play the desecendents,elvis costello,minor threat and have little known punk bands play live. although pearl jam is not a punk band, they are also not a rock band , a classic rock band or a folk band. Pearl Jam is all of those things, because on every pearl jam album since vitalogy at least one song from each genre is showcased, ususally at least three straight forward punk rock songs per album.and pearl jam's style of punk is not that of blink 182 or even the harder edged green day.Pearl Jam's style of punk is showcased on songs like lukin and spin the black circle, raucous , ear shattering punk that fans of green day and rancid would wince at because of the pure violent thrash they posses, pearl jam's style of punk resides in the vein of minor threat and the mc5.ask any of the punk bands pearl jam have toured with, such as the vandals,fugazi, bad religion, the ramones, rancid, and x , whether or not pearl jam deserves to be credited with helping to revive and maintain a long and ethical life for punk rock.while so called punk bands make videos for mtv and make punk that sounds more like n sync ,pearl jam avoids mtv and the press and they release music they want to make ,undefineable music, music that cannot be simply called hard rock or the ridiculous tag of grunge.they can't be called punk either, even though they've made some of the hardest hitting punk songs of the last 20 years.the only people to have heard pearl jam's punk songs are people like me, people that buy PJ albums eventhough PJ avoids mtv and the press,because Pearl Jam's punk songs are not played on the radio, because they are not radio friendly,as any punk song should not be .pearl jam's music is far to varied to be labled , but pearl jam's staunch punk ethics are far too sincere to be questioned either.was it ridiculous for pearl jam to be credited in VH1's 25 years of punk? absolutely not.was it ridiculous for VH1 to make a show about punk? Yes, and I'm sure thats why Mr.Vedder had no comment for the show,either that or Vedder was to busy listening to his beloved Ian McKaye sing about Salad Days. Notes: vedder sings on watch it die and recipe for hate by bad religion Vedder appears on the X tribute album Vedder appears on the ramones tribute album Vedder rescently inducted his longtimes friends, the ramones, into the rock and roll hall of fame "i don't even want to be associated with rock and the way of thinking it encompasses,..i am on the side of punk rock and what it means." ed vedder
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Mister Queue writes:
Wrong, Vedder is only on the album on Watch It Die and he does some background vocals on American Jesus. Get your facts straight before you start criticizing a great band!
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Actually, the backing vocals in "Struck A Nerve" belong to Johnette from Concrete Blonde, not Eddie Vedder.
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Pooh writes:
For all the information you could ever want on Eddie Vedder and BR, just go to Go the the "E" section and scroll down to the Eddie Vedder heading.
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Andy P. writes:
You guys have trouble googling? From Bad Religion's official website: ... Eddie Vedder (of Pearl Jam fame) harmonizing on "American Jesus" and "Watch it Die," to Concrete Blonde's Johnette Napolitano's stunning vocals on "Struck A Nerve," ... just go to
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I have listened to that over and over can that not be Eddie Vedder? Everything points to him - all the inflections, etc. That would suck if it wasn't him...since I've truly believed that to be him for about 7 years now. :-)
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actually he sings the second (or third) verse on "Struck a Nerve"...whichever verse starts with: "I try to close my eyes..." I love it - Greg and Eddie's vocals blend perfectly
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misterjolly writes:
In my humble opinion, Eddie Vedder appears as back up vox on 'struck a nerve', and he is credited with an appearance on the 'Recipe for Hate' LP in the liner notes, although it doesn't confirm on which track.
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