Mechanical Animals (Marilyn Manson) Easter Egg - Many Manson Things

Ok, there's a load of eggs on this CD. I'll
list as many as I can remember. The number 15
appears all over the place. At the end of "The last
day on earth" a voice is heard. It sounds like it's
saying "Nicholas" and becuase that's my name, it scared the
crap outta me. Rose McGowan, Manson's fiancee sings
"yah yah yah" on new model no. 15. At the end of
one of the songs (I forgot which one) you
can make out a voice saying "alright children it's
time for recess, please roll up your sleeves."
If you put the CD into your computer, there's a pic
file which can be viewed using paint, which shows
Marilyn Manson looking like the omega symbol. On
his head are 15 buttons. There's more, so write to me if
you want them, or have some for me.

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Contributed By: Balgazo on 09-01-1999
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Special Requirements: just a cd player
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"Even machines can see we are dead." It's clearly visible under blacklight. "" Once again blacklight reveals a lot.

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There are MANY eggs dealing with the number 15. Here is a list of the ones that I have found: 1) The old logo: MAR1LYN MAN5ON. The 'I' is a '1' and the 'S' is a '5'. 15 2) On the cover, the androgonal Manson has 6 fingers on his left hand (right hand to you and I). 6=1+5 15 3) In the booklet, next to "The Dope Show" lyrics, there are small vertical numbers going from one 1 to 14. Then there is a large number 15 horizontal to the others, that could be symbolizing the 15th computer track. 4) Between the lyrics for "I Want To Disappear" and "Fundamentally Loathsome", there is a picture of a scale. The scale is passing the number 15. 5) Mechanical Animals was released on September 15, 1998. 6) In the lyrics for, "I Don't Like The Drugs (But the Drugs Like Me)", it says, "We're rehabbed and we're ready for our 15 minutes of shame." 7) Next to the lyrics for "Mechanical Animals," it says: ma3x5=15. Which interpretated, means, "Mechanical Animals 3x5=15". 15 8) Next to the lyrics for, "Great Big White World", it says: 325mg. If you use the 2 as a multiplication symbol, you get 3x5 which equals 15. 9) Next to the lyrics for "The Speed Of Pain," it says, "co51.24ahx". Rearrange the 51, and you get 15. 10) Mr. Manson's birthday is on January 5, 1969. 1-5 There are many more incidents that deal with the number 15, but clumsy me lost the rest of them. From what I remember of the ones that I lost, in the video for "I don't like the drugs...", there is a boy wearing a jersy that has reference to the number 15. There are TONS more, but I have yet to find them all again!
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Manson is a very odd person, who does 'out of the ordinary' things, but he has his own explanation of the number 15, and he does it to please himself. Not to get attention, not to make a 'statement', but just to be different. I happen to be a big Manson supporter, and I know for a fact that Mr. Manson himself did NOT say that he was the guy off of Wonder Years. There is no possible way he could have been the kid anyhow, considering that he was almost 20 years old when the show was made. I have read his autobiography 2 times, and have NOT come across any text in the book where he stated, "I was Paul off of The Wonder Years". Sorry to burst your stereotypical bubble, but he was never in any TV shows, playing a character as people say. People need to LEARN what Manson is about, before they JUDGE, and make up false, idiotic RUMORS about him, which are very immature and childish to even be spreading. Just a thought though.
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Actually, the number 15 is not 'meaningless'. It has alot of astrological and numerological significance. Being only casually familiar with such things, I'm afraid I can't elaborate TOO much, but I know that in the major arcana of the tarot deck, for instance, 15 is the number of the Devil. (That is, fifteen is the number that appears on the Devil card.) If you choose not to like Manson, that's fine, but don't flaunt your ignorance by making statements you know nothing about or jumping to hasty conclusions.
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EvilGreco writes:
Hey Astrocreeper66, Your obviously not that good at comprehending what you read because #1, you didn't understand what I wrote, and #2 you didn se what Manson said in his book. I DIDN'T say that he WAS the Kid on Wonder Years. What I said was that Manson SAID he was, not that he really was. When the band was still Marilyn Manson and the Freaky Kids, he started the rumor himself (Which was my point) for the attention. As far as my take on the #15, that is just my opinion. Lastly, I am not trying to cause any arguments with anyone, there are so few of us Headbangers left that we need to stick together. Manson on MTV is a good thing, he may sooner or later open the doors to some new, and maybe some older Metal bands. Slowly We Rot - Obituary.
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Demon Monkey writes:
FYI, they were called Marilyn Manson & The Spooky Kids.
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pup[e] writes:
- I read in a magazine, about the 100 greatest bands, or something of that. and the guy who did Manson's booklet for mechanical animal said the 15 on the cover, and probably every where for that matter was from his birthday, it was already stated, but people think it means something greater? pup[e] spell './
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mindphaser writes:
Also, if you take the full title 'Marilyn Manson Mechanical Animals' you get the anagram, 'Marilyn Manson is an Alchemical Man'. With regard to the numerous drug references on this LP in particular, would this be just a coincidence??
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D3aThbL00m writes:
To clarify the "Paul from the Wonder Years" issue, I will quote the book. Page 260, among other rumours about being able to suck his own dick, killing people and puppies, and hot affairs with Twiggy, Daisy and Zim, on the 11th line down it reads EXACTLY: " *Manson was Paul on the Wonder Years ", then, on the next page, second paragraph: "If i'd really gotten my ribs removed, I would have been sucking my own dick on the Wonder Years instead of chasing Winnie Cooper. Besides, I wouldn't have sucked other peoples dicks on stage, either. I would have been sucking my own. Plus, who really has time to be killing puppies when you could be sucking your own dick? I think i'm gonna call a surgeon in the morning." And it was the SPOOKY kids, not the Freaky Kids.
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Another #15 egg is the title of track 10. "New model no. 15". Manson could have put any number there but it just happened to be 15. Think about it. Coincidence maybe;
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Ok...I have a numerology book with all the number meanings. The number 15, means 'Stength of personality, verbal facility, and obstinacy'. The word obstinacy means 'the trait of being difficult to handle or overcome'. There you go.
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Ive never been skeptical to these kinds of things. As you know manson has long silent track in all his other albums. I always thought that those long "silent" tracks had some sort of messages in them for after you listen to them you have a slight preasure on your head and you feel different e.i. White Zombie "Blood Milk and Sky" will make you angry for some reason listening to the "silence all the way through. If you listen to those "silent" tracks you will notice your head feeling different. Now as for New Model #15 I simply think that its mansons new "silent" track that you can only access at So I think New Model #15 is supposed to be track 15 but it does not appear on the cd rather on the net.The album does "end" at track 14. Manson has the most intentional backmasking that I have ever heard in my life. I dout that he doesnt mess arount with subliminal messages! Every song of his has some sort of backmasking!
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SiameseDream writes:
Exactly what file is the one where you can click on the buttons on the Omega symbol? Whenever I open the CD in my computer, there isn't a paint file. Anybody know?
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