Pharaoh Easter Egg - Cheats (NOT AN EGG)

These cheats can be used at all times:
(You have to write them in EXACT lettering)
Ctrl+Shift+Alt+C: Cheat Screen
Treasure Chest: Gives you 1000 Deben
Pharaohs Tomb: Gets you to the next level
Ramsees I: Unknown

These cheats can ONLY be used when the god specified is being worshipped:

Cat Nip: Fills Bazaars and Granaries

Bounty: Makes the lundation better
Mummys Curse: Possibly makes the flood not come at all

Pharaohs Glory: Kingdom Rating goes up

Supreme Craftsman: Fills Storage yards with goods

Typhonian Relief: Protects your soldiers when they go exploring
Spirit of Typhon: Slays Intruders when they enter city

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Contributed By: SweetPea on 11-17-2000
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Special Requirements: Computer and Game
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Here are the codes you are missing, use the instructions from above: Bast: Meow - Bast will throw a festival for the gods in honor of you. Cat Fight - Bast will level some of the city's best homes. Kitty Litter - A plague strikes. Osiris: Underworld - Farms on the flood plain are destroyed by next flood. Life from Death - Double harvest is given by farms on the flood plain. Ra: Sun Disk - Raises your Kingdom rating. Mesektet - Lowers your Kingdom rating. Pharaohs Glory - The city can export 50% more for one year. Bird of Prey - The city's traders will trade less. Ptah: Noble Djed - Jewelers, Weavers, or Shipwrights become fully stocked with raw materials. Big Dave - Ptah destroys some industrial buildings. Grenow - Ptah will destroy a Storage Yard. Seth: Fury of Seth - All ships are destroyed. Seth Strikes - The city's best company and their fort are destroyed.
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Here are the cheat codes for Cleopatra: Queen of The Nile: "Jail Break" = A pack of tomb robbers hits the streets, looking for burial provisions to steal. "Amphibious Assault" = A plague of frogs descends upon your city. "Crimson Tide" = The life-giving river turns to blood. "Crop Busters" = Swarms of locusts eat every crop in sight. "Hail to the Chief" = A hailstorm pelts your city. "Ancient Astronauts" = Pyramids are built at a quicker pace (you should turn on 'Pyramid Speedup' option from Options menu). "Mummys Revenge" = A mummy rises and looks for people to send to 'Field of Reeds'.
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