Mega Man X Easter Egg - Ryu's Fireball

1. Have everything, all armor, all weapons, all subtanks full, 9 lives.
2. Go to armor armadillo stage.
3. Play though it 4 times without using special weapons (keep them full) or subtanks, everytime, go to the end and then use the escape velocity.
4. Then on the fifth time, through the level, don't go through the door. Climb up the wall above it.
5. Then there will be an armor capsule.
6. Dr. Light will be dressed in hippy clothing.
7. Go into the capsule.
8. You'll get ryu's fireball!
9. You must have full energy to do it, to accomplish this is hard, keep trying till you do.
10. Fireball:down,forward,fire. you must have full energy to do this, it will kill anything with one shot, even an end boss. NOTE: This ability goes "TINK" on Sigma form three.

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Contributed By: Jason on 07-10-1999
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Also, don't bother getting a code after getting the fireball. It doesn't keep. :(
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You're correct but for two points. First: Dr. Light's isn't wearing "hippy clothes", he's really wearing Ryu's trademark karate Gi (with the the sleeves ripped off) and white headband. What he's doing is giving Mega Man X an upgrade for his hands. Basicly Dr. Light is giving X Ryu's gloves that allow him to do Ryu's Hadoken move. (Hado-ken means, wave-attack or wave-punch, Capcom USA and Nintendo Power keep calling it a "fireball" cuz' the're @#$%ing morons. If you listen very carefully while he's doing the move, Mega Man X actually says "Hado-ken") Both the Mega Man and Street Fighter games are made by Capcom, and the whole point of this is that Capcom loves character crossovers. (like Chun-li showing up in Breath of Fire, or the whole Street Fighter "Vs." series for that matter) Second: While you do need The 8 boss weapons, the 4 energy tanks, and all the other upgrade items to get this -final- upgrade, the number of lives you have and your energy level don't really matter.
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MS writes:
no, one fireball does NOT destroy EVERY enemy it whacks!!! after a little searching and experiments, i have found the minibosses that take 2 fireballs to destroy! 1. All the minibosses in launch octopus' stage (the submarines, the dragons, and the big ship) 2. the big water sphere in spark mandrill's stage 3. the mole diggers in armoured armadillo's stage i believe that every fireball has the force of 32 shots (the minibosses take a whole lot more damage than bosses do!)
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Ravaryn writes:
You don't need to play through the entire stage to do this. Whenever I went to get this upgrade, I would just jump down the pit right before the boss door a few times so I continued from a checkpoint closer to the end. It saves you a good bit of time.
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Kazemi writes:
It goes "TINK" against Sigma Form III :(
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Also, the Hadoken move was made for an easier defeat of the Sigma Level 4, Boss 3-- The Sigma Head Gizmo Thingy of Science. If you do not use that on him, you will find it very difficult to beat the game!
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Umm... the "fireball" does not kill (or affect, for that matter,) the final boss. The only things that affect it are the full charge shot (1 damage) and the normal rolling sheild (2 damages)
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tyrano421 writes:
Ryu's fireball does NOT kill every boss in one hit. It does not penetrate "metal," for example, it does not penetrate Sigmas last form (the head) if you try to hit him, and the only way to kill him IS to hit him in his head. It also does not penetrate the bottom part of the big dinosaur boss in Sigmas fortress. Revise that!
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Mecha Vegeta writes:
I tried to find the code on Nintendo's Code Bank(where it used to be), and unless I did something wrong(or made some really stupid error that everyone will start laughing at:), they think Megaman X exists anymore. Why?
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