Illuminatus! Easter Egg - The Principia Discordia Exists

The "book" that Wilson and Shea quote their inanities out of to head their chapters actually exists. You can download it at

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Contributed By: Prince Mu-Chao on 08-30-1999
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coffeeman writes:
Batman is correct. I have been an avid discordian since before I even knew Illuminatus existed. There are rather a lot of discordians who know nothing of Illuminatus (although I try and enlighten them as I meet them) and we Discordians do, in fact, rule the world. I have the golden submarine to prove it. It's parked under the Alamo at the moment.
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Batman writes:
The Principia Discordia was actually written in the 50s/60s by Greg Hill and Kerry Thornley. If memory serves me correctly, Thornley has passed away, and Greg Hill is famous in conspiracy circles for his alleged involvement in the JFK assassination. The commenter before me is correct though--there's a lot of versions of the PD out there...If you want to find them, check out's the personal site of Robert Anton Wilson.
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Chaos writes:
The illuminati is the proper name. they were an ancient stanic cult, but not the satanic cult type that springs to mind. before the church invented the idea of satan in 14th century AD, they were a group of scientists. Galileo was one of their most famous members and almost managed to negotiate a peaceful end to the war of peace and science. Unluckily, the pope agreeing to it died and thenew pope rounded up vital figures of the illuminati and killed them. The illuminati were famous for their symetrical symbols which even the smartest computers in the world could not work out until the pope's private library gave the symbols to certain authors, one being Dan Brown. these symbols worked perfectly both the right way up and upside down. the 6 symbols were: Illuminati Earth Air Fire Water a combination of earth, air, fire and water in a diamond. Also, across rome are the 4 temples of the illuminati. These temples are a great secret and are part of the illuminati path, a path which is traced to become an illuminati member by eventually finding the illuminati headquauters. Finally, the illuminati died out 500 years ago.
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Lovecraft writes:
There is no tax exempt status offered to subgenii... well not for being members of the church, just as there is no special tax exempt status offered to members of any church for merely being members. There can be tax-exemptions for being ordained ministers in some churches. The Church of the Subgenius and its various clenches are NOT subject to this tax-exemption. Re: Principia Discordia, the works which comprise Discordianism make the rantings of the Sungenii seem oh so sane. Wasn't one of the original discordians the roommate of Lee Harvey Oswald in New Orleans when the discordian works were first being created?
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Adversary writes:
Several hundred different versions of the principia discodia exist. Some were written by Shea and Wilson, some by one or the other, and some by other people, i.e. guys who just joined the Church of the Sub-genius for the tax-exempt status. It has also been published in both soft and hard cover.
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Proginoskes writes:
To Batman: Kerry Thornley is in fact dead; I was in Atlanta at the time. (That's a funeral I'd like to have gone to ...) If memory serves, it was THORNLEY who was involved with the JFK assassination, and not Hill. To Lovecraft: Some of the first copies of PD were run off using New Orleans DA Jim Garrison's "copy machine". And finally, to add life to this thread ... I have gone through Illuminatus! and Wilson's other works, working on cross-references. I've also compiled a list of the books mentioned in the trilogy and am working on a "real vs. fake" list. The next run-thru will add references to HP Lovecraft and the PD. Each time I read Illuminatus!, it takes longer and longer. I expect the next read-through to take about a year.
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normloman writes:
This isn't really an egg. The Principia Discordia is a well known book that's been around since the 50s. If you look really hard, you can even find it in Barnes and Nobel. is a site you can go to find out more. The important thing to remember though is that there is no Discordian "Conspiracy" and it's ties to the illuminati as well as other nonsense is just a joke. Or is it? FNORD
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I have one thing to clear up: The illuminati are a conspiracy which, supposedly, rules the world and tries to force upon this world a "new World Order". I have never read this book but have become interested in the "Illuminati" secret organization and have been trying to find if it really exists. Email me on your thoughts and veiws if you would like but lets keep one thing straight. THIS PROBABLY DOES NOT EXIST
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