Half-Life Easter Egg - Counterstrike Credits

1. Boot up Counterstrike.
2. Join a game where they are playing the map office (I forget whether it's called CS_office or DE_office at the moment).
3. Get killed inside the office.
4. In observer mode, fly away from the map, so you see a side view of the entire map.
5. Walk towards the large animated wall with the credits.
6. Enjoy!

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Contributed By: Khyron on 10-16-2000
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Special Requirements: Half-Life: Counterstrike
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avatar56 writes:
First off- the web site is http://csnation.counter-strike.net/features/maps/ And here are two great eggs not in that list: In cs_militia, go into the Terrorist spawn room with the beds. Go into the small bathroom on the side. There is a toilet with a floater in it. Jump up onto the toilet and shoot the floater. It takes like 5-10 shots but if you hit it enough, it does something really funny ( don't worry it wont hurt you). Another great one is in de_Vegas. It is really hard to do so listen closely- start as a counter terrorist. Run across from the sphinx with your knife pulled. Run into the building, go right, and go up to the soda machine. Stand in front of the soda machine and PRESS THE USE KEY (usually "e"). After that run back to the security doors, go through, and take a left. BE SURE TO RUN OVER THE UPTURNED TILES AND THE EMPTY SPOTS THEY WERE IN. Keep running and go outside to where the sphinx is. Go across to the right side of the sphinx and run up the stairs. Break the wood blocking the window and run across the wires. Pretty freaky, eh? An old model from half life coming up again. If you need help you can email me at [email protected] I sent these in as eggs but they were never added.
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Mr.X writes:
You can find credits in almost every map in CS.
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A weird example of some credit thing is on cs_747 (or whatever it's called) Once you die, and are an observer, head outside. Find that big red fire door on the upper walkway. Since you are an observer, move through that door. I don't remember what exactly is in there, but there is an annoying blinking light, and some walls set up with the player's initials. There may be more, but since I don't have CS right now (I have to redownload it), I don't know if there is anything more to that map.
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The Fish writes:
If you go one one other map (I think it is de_vertigo) and spectate around or nose around using WORLDCRAFT you will see a picture of a cat covering an entire wall.
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Boo Radley writes:
There are "hidden" credits in every Counter Strike map I've played and they are accessable while your alive. For example, in CS_office, go into the utility room that you often take the hostages out through(if your any good at CS at all) and use your knife on the back wall. You can shoot it out too but it takes quite a lot of ammo.( not a good idea considering your still alive ... LOL) Have fun!
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Zuljin writes:
You can also go to CSNation's site for map eggs. http://csnation.counterstrikemod.org/features/maps/ It also has pictures, so go there if you are into Counter-Strike.
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Craig writes:
As far as i am aware, that is a ghost of the owner of the casino.
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Skitch writes:
As far as I know the Gman appears in that room during the 2nd round... I've never had to do all that to find him...
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