ID4 - Independence Day Easter Egg - Inside the Alien Ship

I have a Phillips 825 DVD player and this is how I got into the ship. On disc 2 highlight the data console. Press play. The angle will zoom in to the computer on a desk. Highlight the Main Menu item. Now press your right(>) directional and a red light on the computer monitor will be on. Press play. From here be patient. First, the disc goes in and the ship turns on. As it it starts to hover off the floor the computer screen changes to say System activated-Access 7:4 enter. After this happens the Main Menu option is highlighted again. Press play. The angle will zoom away from the computer to show the whole room again. Press 7 then 4 and you will zoom inside the ship. The features run on a loop so wait until you see English instructions instead of the Alien language to hit play, I hope this helps some of you that aren't able to get in the ship.

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Contributed By: [email protected] on 10-08-2000
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Salil writes:
I could put this disk in the computer but when i zoom out so i can see the whole room and then click 74 but it does not do anything. after a while the ship stops to hover. I hope somebody can help me. Salil,
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I also have a Phillips Magnavox 835 DVD player, and I can not get to even read the second disk. I have also tried this egg on my computer with a Creative Labs DVD-ROM running Power DVD and every time I hit the "enter" button it returns to the Data Console. Any help from anyone would be great.
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Hammer writes:
When I do it on my Phillips DVD player (I don't know which type) a little green alien pops out of nowhere and says:"Green socks smell like sh*t" (its hard to hear the words, but I think that is what he's saying) Then he takes a pair of green socks out of a pocket (thoug it looks like he is naked) and puts them on and say's: "unless if is Woolen Socks they are warm". then he bends over and says: "NO, they still smell like SH*T". Then he just stand there (scratching his head sometimes) until you press a button or turn the DVD player off.
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Al writes:
I used to be able to access these features when I had my standard DVD player. Now that I have a Samsung Blu Ray player this does not work. I can make the ship float, but when I go back to the main menu and press 74 I just get a Not Available Player message and then the ship times out. Has anyone got to to these special features on a Blu Ray player, especially the Samsungs?
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