Daikatana Easter Egg - Dopefish!

E1: In the Sewer System, part 2, there's a secret area that contains
the Shotcycler-6 and a bunch of Sludge Minions. In the screenshot
(dopefish_e1_1.jpg) you can see one of the four corner lights in the
room. Shoot each one until they descend into the floor. When all four
have been shot, you'll hear a strange sound and at the bottom of the
pool in the center of the room, a grating will slide open and reveal the
first Dopefish's lair (dopefish_e1_2.jpg).

E2: In the Acropolis, part 1, the first major structure that you enter will
have a huge water fountain in it (dopefish_e2_1.jpg). Jump into the water in the fountain, find the open spot and swim
into it. You have to break the wall under here (dopefish_e2_2.jpg) to gain access to the second Dopefish's lair

E3: In the Plague Village, part 1, near the very end of the level is a final bridge that you must cross (dopefish_e3_1.jpg).
Under this bridge is a boarded-up well (dopefish_e3_2.jpg) -- break off the wood and swim down into the well, moving
around the protruding rocks the whole way until you find the third Dopefish's lair (dopefish_e3_3.jpg).

E4: In the Tower of Crime, part 2, there's an elevator shaft that has a little secret under the water at the bottom. You
need to climb the ladder in the shaft and go all the way down to the floor where your feet will be barely covered in water
and you cannot duck under it to see where the secret is located... you must simply shoot at the ground until it breaks
out from under you (dopefish_e4_1.jpg). When you go down into the new opening, you'll find a Vitality powerup
(dopefish_e4_2.jpg). To the right of the Vitality is a wall that is breakable and behind that wall is the fourth and final
Dopefish's lair (dopefish_e4_3.jpg).

In each Dopefish's lair there's a Manaskull invulnerability artifact -- it will allow you to either look at the Dopefish for a
while, or allow you to try to completely destroy the Dopefish, which takes a LOT or work to do.

Go to dopefish.com to see the screenshots mentioned.

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