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This is a typical example of how early Disney animators added X-rated material to children's cartoons. I discovered this one whil watching the movie with my kids one day, and couldn't believe it! I've never heard of this one reported anywhere, but i'ts quite graphic and obvious if you take the time to check it out.
In the scene where Mickey is riding the growing beanstalk up into the sky, the beanstalk starts pushing through the clouds. The clouds as they are pushed by the beanstalk start forming different shapes. As this continues a portion of the clouds forms into an erect p*nis while another forms into a representation of female genitalia. As the stalk moves upward there is actual penetration and then the shapes dissolve.

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Contributed By: GregR. on 08-25-1999
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Special Requirements: Disney's Classic Animated Cartoon version of Jack and the Beanstalk, available at any video rental store.
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Disgruntled writes:
Well, considering that clouds are very phallic looking to begin with, I'm inclined to put this one down to coincidence. Look out your window some time at the clouds and they can look like anything, they're clouds. And no, the early Disney animators did not put X-rated material in their cartoons as Walt Disney forbade it. In the 30's, two animators tried to slip a picture of a naked woman in a movie and Walt caught them and they were severly reprimanded.
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For once I can agree with dis(ney)gruntled. Early disney animators didn't put X-rated material in children's cartoons... ALL disney animators did. Whether Walt really did try to stop these things or it was his doing in the first place I do not know, but in the end it doesn't matter. The end result is still what it is.
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I don't recall where I saw this, but apparently a couple animators did a very short X-rated clip involving a couple Disney characters (Mickey and Minnie, I think), and when Walt Disney found out who did it, he fired them on the spot. On the other hand, it is rumored that Walt had a butt fetish, which was catered to by his animators in films like Bambi, which features Bambi's and Thumper's hind quarters quite promenantly in several scenes.
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KC Taylor writes:
Walt did not tolerate anything x-rated in his productions. It was either coincidence or some of the guys slid one past him as he always had several projects going on at the same time and could not focus 100% attention on everything. The topic of a Mickey & Minnie porn is not true. What IS true is that an animator was having lunch in the studio's cafeteria on his very first day with his new co-workers. He began to impersonate the voices of Mickey, Minnie & Donald having sex; however Walt's brother Roy was sitting at the next table and overheard this. By the time lunch was over, there was already a pink slip on the new employee's desk.
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Brice65 writes:
I'm afraid it's there,it's disgusting and unnatural,but it's there.
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sirjohnpoe writes:
The story or "urban legend" about the Mickey and Minnie porn goes like this: It was Walt's birthday and as a joke a couple of animators made a short "porn" of Mickey and Minnie. At the party the short was shown amidst much laughter and shock. Walt smiled and immediately fired the two animators. This is only an urban legend which only Disney can confirm. Relating to the X-rated scenes hidden in cartoons, this is what happens when people have too much time on their hands and over analyze everything. The only confirmed instance of this happening was during the movie The Rescuers. In modern day Disney movies however, anything can happen. When Walt was at the helm he kept a good handle on keeping the business family friendly. Under Eisner this was lost and greed took its place.
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Old_Begonia writes:
Anyone here ever heard of Rorschach? It is what it is indeed.
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