MDK2 Easter Egg - Castle on a Sky

This egg is very hard to get to, but is very cool looking.

At the end of level 7, you are about to walk out to fight the boss. Instead, look at the light posts with the blue tips on them (right as you come out of the building). You can actually jump on them and climb up on top of the entrance to the final area (there is a peice of meat here too).

Next, look to your right. Start firing like crazy at the background, and eventually you will start hitting some invisible ground. This is very, VERY hard to find, but don't give up.

Once you do locate it, jump onto it and walk down the invisible walkway, using your machine gun on the ground to check where your going (this walkway is straight but the next one curves back and forth. You can never be too careful.) This might also be an Indiana Jones egg, as you must use the shells of your gun to show the way like dust...

Eventually you will find a yellow tile on the ground (looks very funny in the middle of nowhere). You can use this to float upwards using the ribbon parachute. Again, find the path and use your gun to follow it. After a long, twisty road you will find a castle in the sky (very cool looking). There is no way to get in, but theres a funny picture on the opposite side of the castle.

Once done, float back down to the playing arena.


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Contributed By: Anonymous on 09-17-2000
Reviewed By: Webmaster
Special Requirements: Gotten to level 7
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I`ve done it!

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Stronk writes:
Please can someone who has done this try to make it a little more explicit (e.g. exactly where to stand/aim for). Also, there are some items on one of the spikey building thingies in the background which you can glide over and get.
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CheapAlert writes:
Yep, I performed this, interesting egg. Took around 30 mins of effort to replay the level to this point ;)
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Kvistgaard writes:
SPOILER: Click here for pictures of the hidden castle....
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