Sound of Music, The Easter Egg - Will the Real von Trapp Come Out!

On the song "I Have Confidence", when Julie Andrews (Maria Von Trapp) walks through an arch. Look in the background starting on the left hand screen and walking towards the right of the screen. It is the real Maria Von Trapp and some of the real Von Trapp kids walking by.

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Special Requirements: Pause or slow motion
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Yankee writes:
These are the facts: Maria was born on a train. Her mother died soon after. Her father died when she was six. He traveled a lot and left with an elderly cousin who was married to a man who was an atheist and a Socialist. Maria was hired to tutor one of the girls. Her namesake if I remember correctly. The child had had Scarlet Fever and was too delicate to go to school. According to The Story of the Trapp Family Singers she became their housekeeper. While she was on a ladder cleaning a chandelier the children came to her and told her that their father didn't think she liked him any more. Her absent minded reply led to his believing she had accepted a proposal of marriage. They were married in 1927. The children were still children then. They fled Austria when the Baron was being "offered" a command in the German navy. They fled with 9 children and mostly the clothes on their backs and what they could carry in a backpack in 1938 by hiking through the mountains to Italy. Maria was NOT involved in the making of either movie as far as having any right was concerned. Two or three "agents" cheated her of this by talking her into taking small settlements for the right to use the title. By chance, while visiting Vienna, she saw the film crew and had a very, very minor part in either the I Have Confidence or the Do-Re-Mi number. You can see her if you pause the tape/DVD. Biography showed it once shortly after she died. Johannes is the only child born an American citizen. Lorli and Rosemarie were born in Austria. Several of the children have since died. One of the girls was a missionary in New Guinea - the South Pacific anyway. The lodge that exists in Stowe, VT now is NOT the original. It burned a number of years ago and was rebuilt. The oldest children were, at the very least, in their late teens when the famly fled Austria. The Baron had five girls and two boys by his first wife. He and Maria had two girls and one boy together but I believe she miscarried several times due to her ongoing kidney problems. Maria, Georg and at least one of the daughters are buried in the family plot at the lodge which is NOT open to the public due to litterbugs leaving trash and garbage on the graves and in the burial plot.
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slygurl writes:
The real Maria Von Trapp is on the bus behind Julie Andrews during the "I have Confidence" performance.
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Me writes:
In an interview Julie Andrews confirmed that the original Maria Von Trapp and a couple of the children were in the background for that scene
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Farquarson writes:
At the time that "The Sound of Music" was filmed, the Von Trapp children were no longer children, but adults in their thirties, forties and fifties. They were children and young adults when they left Austria in 1938. In 1938, Rupert, the eldest in real life, had graduated from medical school and was already a doctor. They would hardly still be children in the late 1960s.
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afrodude writes:
Maria Von Trapp WAS a real person and was not crazy. If you go to a LIBRARY you will most likely find a book about the Von Trapps.
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MUSoprano writes:
Maria Von Trapp IS a real person, BTW. The Sound of Music (like nearly all musicals) is based on a book. It's called "The Trapp Family Singers" (which is also the name they use in the movie for their singing group) and is written by Maria Augusta Trapp, and it's really pretty interesting. And just because the person says "Trapp family kids" doesn't mean they still are children. No matter how old you get, you're always somebody's child. :)
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Ltlnewsboy writes:
This is true. In fact, The Sound of Music is based on a true story, however, there are some differences. The children's names were different, also the number of children. Captain Von Trapp had five children with his first wife, and when the Captain, the children, and Maria escaped, The Captain and Maria had two children of their own. All of the children are still alive, and the Von Trapp house in now a tourist attraction in Austria.
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eadon writes:
Captain Von Trapp had 7 children from his first marriage and he and Maria had 3 more. I also believe that Baroness Von Trapp was in the ballroom during the party, but I don't know for sure....
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Betsy writes:
This is not true. If you read the bios about Maria Von Trapp on other sites, it says she was not involved in the making of the movie. She was allowed to "briefly meet the cast" when she by chance discovered they were filming in Austria. If Julie Andrews is quoted as saying the Von Trapp's were in the movie, most likely it was a romanticized fantasy the film's publicists wanted to perpetuate.
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Bam-bam writes:
Yes, I have heard that also. This egg is completly correct. I heard it in a documentary of The Sound of Music.
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wakkawakka writes:
This egg is acknowledged by the directors, at least the part about Maria. i haven't heard the part about the von trapp kids
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I watched this in wide-screen and still did not find anything.
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I didn't even know there was a real Maria Von Trapp! I just thought it was a nice story about a crazy lady who sings a great deal!
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