Mega Man X2 Easter Egg - Ken's Shouryuken

You'll find this in the 3rd (Agile's) Maverick stage. Advance through the stage until you'll find 2 ladders, the higher one being seemingly unaccessable, since the wall it is next to is covered with spikes.

To get there, backtrack a bit and get a bat to follow you. When it's close enough to the spiked wall, freeze it with the Crystal Hunter and jump on top of it to reach the ladder.

Here, advance forward and you'll come upon a spike-covered corridor. Use a combination of air-dash and a charged-up Speed Burner to cross the spikes.

Now here's the hard part and this is where an emulator comes in handy. After killing a few more enemies, you'll find a ledge that's completely covered with spikes on all sides with an extra life on a ledge below it and a wall with spikes on it and on the ledge below it.

How do you get past this?

First, charge up the Speed Burner. Then, jump and air-dash (or dash-jump, although air-dashing is easier) over the first set of spikes, drop down the spike-covered opening and finally use the charged up Speed Burner to drop on the ledge with an extra life.

Remember, the above steps must be performed extremely quickly, or you'll hit the spikes and die. Now, make sure you have full energy and then slide down the left wall.

After a while, you'll drop through a wall and find a capsule there. First listen to Dr.Light's somewhat odd congratulation speech, and then jump in the capsule.

Your reward for all this is the almighty Shouryuken that serves pretty much the same purpose as the Hadoken in Mega Man X1, ie. being an incredibly powerful secret weapon that makes short work of everything it hits as well as being a neat reference to the Street Fighter series. To perform it, press forward, down, down-forward+fire when you have full energy and are standing on the ground.

While performing it, X is invincible to everything(including spikes) until he lands, but unfortunately you can't control him until he lands, so you could land on spikes or fall down in a pit and die if you perform it near either one.

The Shouryuken does 8, 16, 24, or 32 (ie. full meter) units of damage on all bosses, depending on how solidly (ie. how close he is to the enemy when he performs it and how long it keeps hitting an airborne enemy) he hits with it. It's especially effective on airborne enemies and because X leaps so high, it can be used as a way to reach high places easier.

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Contributed By: Gamer on 09-12-2000
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Special Requirements: All items (including sub tanks, hears and enhancements, although Zero's parts aren't needed), full energy from a certain point onwards
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No it's not. The Hadoken (means: wave attack or wave punch) is Ryu/Ken(Sakura/Gokui(Akuma*)/Sean/etc)'s fireball* move. The Shoryuken (means: flying dragon punch) is Ryu/Ken's Dragonpunch* move This is a Capcom character crossover thing. In the first Mega Man X game, "X" got a glove upgrade that gave him Ryu's specialty, the Hadoken. In this game "X" gets a an upgrade for Ken's specialty, the Shoryuken. * note: AAAARRGG, Capcom USA keeps on calling it that, cuz' they're bloody @#$%ing morons!
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jncopipe writes:
because Akuma means Nightmare in Japanese, i think
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