Reservoir Dogs Easter Egg - Reservoir Dogs: The Origins for True Romance and Pulp Fiction?

If you notice the names of some of the characters in Tarantino's movies, you start seeing some patterns. For example, Mr. Blonde in "Reservoir Dogs" is named Vic Vega. John Travolta in "Pulp Fiction"? Vincent Vega. The woman who used to do robberies with Mr. White (Harvey Keitel) in "Reservoir Dogs" was named Alabama. The Patricia Arquette character's name in "True Romance"? Alabama. (And let's not forget that Patricia's sister, Rosanna, was in "Pulp Fiction", too.) Vic Vega's parole officer in "Reservoir Dogs" is named Scagnetti. The cop who hunts down Mickey and Mallory Know in "Natural Born Killers"? Scagnetti, also.

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plugboy writes:
Reservoir Dogs was originally going to be a sort of sequel to True Romance. In the original TR ending, Clarence dies and Alabama apparently carries on the crime and meets Mr. White. Also, Vic Vega is (in the script) one of Walkens men when he comes to kill Clarences father. Re: the briefcase. There are many theories, but the truth is it's whatever you want it to be. there's a name for it, apparently Hitchcock invented the concept. Mcglobbin or something equally silly.
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Miawall86ace writes:
Jules (samuel L Jackson) goes to "walk the earth" and is religous in pulp fiction then turns up as organ player in Kill Bill. Same character using a different name? And the main reason that QT puts stuff like this in his films is to get people like us talking about them. The films arnt a continuation of one another -- that doesnt work but some of the characters are the same i think. And what if Steve Busemi gets away at the end of ResDogs? and THEN is the waiter in pulp fiction as a creul irony because of the way he talks about waiters in ResDogs?
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lhgray writes:
In a Playboy interview, Michael Madsen said that Vic and Vincent Vega are brothers and that Tarantino had talked to him about making a movie of the Vega brothers. Madsen said he would love to, but he didn't know if Travolta would.
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Omnicron writes:
Does anyone else find it funny that Tim Roth is Mr. Orange in RD, and "Pumpkin" in PF? Creative match-up :).
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Trotsky writes:
And, for yet another link to Pulp Fiction, in Reservoir Dogs they mention a nurse named Bonnie, and in Pulp Fiction Jimmy's wife is a nurse named Bonnie.
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Jayce writes:
Another thing to check out is when Joe and Mr. White are discussing things, he mentions Marsalous (spelling?), the character from Pulp Fiction.
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oswald writes:
Unoriginal? What kind of a comment is that? Besides, it's a bit too much of a "coincidence." I would call this a solid egg! I know I read in an interview, or heard somewhere, that Tarantino considered Vic Vega and Vincent Vega brothers.
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look, its simple. Tarantino's films all exist in the same universe, hence the reason that many fake brands crossover between films. so what if the same person plays different characters in different films, they are just actors portraying roles. QT could have easily brought in different actors for the roles but he didn't in certain cases and heres why: Harvey Keitel: Read reservoir dogs, liked it and passed it ontodanny devito's production company, the only reason QT is where he is today Steve Buschemi: discovered by tarantino at an audition for resevoir dogs Samuel L Jackson: turned down at an audition for reservoir dogs as he did not fit the profile for the characters...but promised a future role Tim Roth: developed a close relationship with QT during filming of reservoir dogs Christopher walken: always makes for a good bad guy [you know what i mean also other easter eggs include the diner in PF being the same one as in RD, just done up was a favourite haunt of a pre-fame tarantino jack rabbit slims is mentioned in RD...i think...mebbe it was another QT film QT's use of similar names is not unoriginal...neither is it an easter is simply a device that allows those who have seen other QT films relate to the characters and gives people a quick idea of what the character will be eg. scagnetti: mentioned as a parole board officer in RD then turns up as a cop VEGA: criminal im tired, its midnight n i cant think of any other cross over names just now anyway, if you think im wrong, let me know. but i have watched every commentary on PF, RD and JB and read the trivia tracks aswell [btw, the reason the speeches are different in reservoir dogs is all to do with point of view] anyway, later dudes
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UNORIGINAL? WHAT DO YOU MEAN,UNORIGINAL? So maybe Reservoir Dogs is a City On Fire rippoff, but True Romance and Pulp Fiction are totally original films.
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salty writes:
tarantino also considered making a string of stories along the lines of the continuing adventures of jules and vincent. wouldnt that be cool. email me if you have any comments
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Killa Clown writes:
How can you call him un-original?? He is doing basically the same thing that Kevin Smith (the director of Mallrats, Dogma, Clerks, and Chasing Amy) does with all of his movies, he intertwines them so they all revolve around the same background. If anything that takes a lot of originality. They are both talented and cool directors.
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HED writes:
But let's not forget that in Reservoir Dogs, the Scagnetti's first name was Seymour. But in Natural Born Killers, his first name was Jack.
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americangum writes:
In regards to everything in this thread: I'm not trying to be a dick, but I read that Tarantino began work on "True Romance" BEFORE "Reservoir Dogs", so if the Alabama thing is a connection, it would be the other way around (started in t.r., ended up in r.d.), but that is cool to notice. The world needs more Tarantino fans! Next, there's no way to call Quentin Tarantino unoriginal. True Romance is a great script about a comic geek who falls in true love with a girl but is willing to break the law and risk his life for their future. Reservoir Dogs is the best twist on a bank robbery gone bad (which has been done to death but never with such good directing, music placement or twists - all QT) that i've heard in a long time, Pulp Fiction and Jackie Brown (yes, Jackie Brown is based on the novel "Rum Punch", but i'm still giving QT some writing credit because he didn't copy the book verbatim) are amazingly written criminal stories. All 4 of his biggest movies (I won't get into 4 rooms since he only wrote one room) have amazing directing, music, plot, characters (complete with character arcs no less) and dialogue.
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Dutch writes:
Actually, that film has already been made. It was called _Holy Man_ and starred Eddie Murphy. Tarantino isn't credited, but that was all his idea and he actually wanted Samuel L. Jackson to star. You remember, Jules says he intends to just "roam the earth" after the events of _Pulp Fiction_. _Holy Man_ comes into his life years later, and Jules (who goes by the pseudonym "G") has all kinds of wacky adventures after meeting a struggling Home Shopping Network executive. I can't believe more people haven't picked up on this, as _Holy Man_ has Tarantino's signature all over it: the dead-on dialogue, the intricate plot twists, profuse pop culture references. I do think it would have been a much better film with Samuel L. Jackson reprising the role that made "G" famous, though. Eddie Murphy's a funny guy, but he tends to just play Eddie Murphy in all his movies, and the character suffers for it.
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Drewster writes:
First Vincent, and Vic are brothers. Tarintino, Travolta, and Madsen have all said this. All three parties have agreed to participate in a movie about these two, oviously a prequel so to speak, since both characters are dead. Last I heard Tarintino is supposed to start writing it around 2003. Next when talking about actors Tim Roth is also in four rooms, as are Bruce Willis, Tarintino, and Kathy Griffith, who witnessed the car wreck in Pulp Fiction. Also Samuel L. is in Jakie Brown as well.
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ravermama writes:
Has it occurred to anyone that alot of independent filmmakers have re appearing actors in their movies? The contacts you make in independent film are usually deeper than what you would make in a big budget picture. John Waters has his team (the Dreamlanders) which often includes Divine (before his death), Mink Stole (she's been in almost all of his films), and Ricke Lake. Guy Ritchie does the same thing with "Lock, Stock, and Two Smoking Barrels" and "Snatch", both star Jason Statham and Jason Fleming, there's others as well. QT doesn't do it to be cool or to tie in the stories necessarily, he does it because these people are his pals and they understand and fit well into his directing style. Also, the character name similarities is probably a kind of tribute/inspriation to one of his favorite movie genres, the old grindhouse martial arts movies. Alot of these movies use the same character names, that are not necessarily the same roles. Many are based on old Chinese legends that use the same character names and even have similarities in the roles(like Wong Fe Hong in both "Iron Monkey" and "Legend of the Drunken Master" which are set in two different time periods). As for QT's originality, it is very true that he is repeatedly "inspired" by other films, particularly flicks from Hong Kong, like "City on Fire" (which is the basis for Resevoir Dogs, the similarities are too obvious to be uncanny). He also takes from exploitation films and film noir. It is his directorial style and vision that is both original and his true talent. As a writer he basically rehashes other stories, as filtered through his vision. You can't really bash on him for being unoriginal, that's like walking down a red light district and calling one girl a wh*re, they're all wh*res! Few directors are truly orginal anymore, no point wasting time b**ching about Tarantino, he doesn't try to claim orginality. He admits that he loves grindhouse pulp cinema and his movies are a reflection of that. He doesn't try to apologize for it.
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Bad-Bee writes:
The Arquette-sister's brother Alexis Arquette is also seen in Pulp Fiction, he comes out of the bathroom.
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Animal 56 writes:
It would certainly save Travolta's career. He hasn't made a truly good movie since his "comeback" in Pulp Fiction.
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whoa whoa whoa!! you guys, listen when jules is talking to "pumpkin and honeybunny"!!! HER NAME AINT ALABAMA, ITS YOLANDA!!!!!!!!!!
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Hellyboy writes:
I read many places in magazines, net-sites etc. people referring to something called the "Tarantinoverse", that all the Tarantino movies are connected. Red Apple cigarettes pop up from time to time, references to "Big Kahuna Burgers", "Jack Rabbit Slim's" etc. In fact Tarantino's script for "True Romance" ended with Clarence Worley dying which would lead up to Alabama getting together with Mr.White. But the test-audience didn't like the idea so they changed the script.
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There is no possible way for a "continuing adventures of jules and vincent" seeing as how Vincent DIES. When Butch goes back to the apartment for his watch Vincent is in the washroom and Butch kills him.
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Oli writes:
In the QT produced Killing Zoe, the main character is called Zed. He is played by the guy who plays Lance in PF. Also, the gay guy who rapes Marsellus is called Zed
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Omnicron writes:
First off, QT uses the same names not because he has a lack of creativity, and not because they are the same character. If they are the same character from one movie to another, you would know. He does it for the fans, so they can hear a name they know and get excited. Second, if you have the special edition Pulp Fiction DVD, watch the film with the trivia track on (It's better to watch on the computer if you can, you can skip to each fact without watching the entire movie). The trivia tells you all the tie-ins between RD and PF. In fact, PF is more of an homage to RD than anything else. Also, a couple scenes in PF were supposed to be in RD, like the guy in the backseat who accidentally gets blown away. Also, when Butch is leaving the pawn shop, and he looks for a weapon, every weapon there is an homage to either a previous film or a film that inspired QT, including the samurai sword, referring to Kill Bill. Third, QT always uses the same actors because of his rituals. If you watch the interviews on the RD DVD, a couple actors mention QT taking the whole cast out to dinner before the first day of filming. QT tends to make very strong bonds with his actors, therefore, he can't disregard them. Also, Keitel is a producer second to Lawrence Bender, Keitel has helped work over every film QT has had him in. In addition, Bender also cameos in all his films (Just a little side fact there). Fourth, Jimmie in PF can very well be Rd's Mr. Brown. Maybe in RD, Brown didn't actually die. He realized things were messed up, he wanted out, so he pretended to be dead. After the scene was clear, he escaped. Notice, in PF, Jimmie used to do jobs but he's out now. He's more of a clean-up/rescue/go-to guy. Something a criminal would do if he quits doing jobs. In summary, PF is an homage to every movie QT did before; RD, True Romance, Four Rooms, and a few films that inspired him in the past.
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stellaestell writes:
bottom line, Tarantino is a genius. his IQ is beyond any of ours. also take into consideration, he shared in writing these scripts and different producers worked with him in creating their films. ex: Tony Scott changing the end of true romance. they do mention Alabama in RD. which was filmed, or maybe just released before TR, but no one knows which script was written first, or if it all played out differently on film then in QTs mind...who knows if it was one big idea, even a genius as QT couldn't or didn't have time or the opportunity to put down in the organized manner he imagined. highly intelligent people often have a hard time of explaining and organizing their ideas, especially when other minds have a hand in the ideas. Tarantino was just starting out and didn't have the control he would have today. there is no doubt there are similarities in the actors and characters. but we can't get confused with characters and actors. if the screen plays were turned in books, and written only by Tarantino i would like to think the three, TR, RD and PF would coincide perfectly. an off the wall thought of mine is the cops in TR may in fact be Vic Vega, and nice guy Eddie in earlier days, if they did in fact survive the shoot out scene at the end of TR. good cops gone bad, which wold explain their mafia ties to the cops in RD, being able to set up fake jobs while their real jobs take play. also there are many fake names used in all the films. who's to say what their characters real names are? again bottom line in all speculation only Tarantino really knows. and i don't think he would do things just to make people talk about them, but to make people think and use their imagination. the Hitchcock idea makes total sense, no one will ever know what lies in Tarantino's mind. as long as he works with others, and takes different spins on original ideas no one will ever know. but in not getting confused with characters and actors, Tarantino plays a guest role in most of his work, and no one is ever confused by his character he decides to play, and in that do we bring in his part in four rooms with his role in PF?? Also Vic Vega was originally supposed to be the same actor, however the actor who played Vic was doing Wyatt Erp at the time and so travolta took the part as vincent. another however, (so many howevers with QT) I have friends who are sisters who are named Amy and Amanda. no one will ever know what the original ideas held for us all...
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BluntMan writes:
the way i heard it was that TR was written before res dogs as tarantino sold the rights to TR in order to fund res dogs. about the "continued stories of jules and vincent" no jules quit an vince died. a story about the vega bros? again, vince died. the marcellus in RD and PF are not the same, susposably because of time disceprancies with marcellus being in jail for 20 years(stated in res dogs). then there's the scagnettis(jack in NBK and seymour in RD). alabama was in TR and mentioned in RD. the nashes(gerald or whoever in NBK and marvin in RD) as for the actors theres steve buscemi(mr pink in RD and the waiter in PF), harvey keitel(mr white in RD and wolfe in PF) sean penn(nice guy eddie in RD and cop in TR) tom sizemore(cop in TR and and scagnetti in NBK) kirk baltz(marvin nash in RD and cameraman in NBK)tim roth(,r orange in RD, pumpkin in PF) sam jackson(jules in PF and thug in TR) thats all i can think of for now.
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Lita-2x writes:
The origins for True Romance? -I think not....If you know your Tarantino facts you would know.....True Romance was writen BEFORE Reservoir Dogs!!!!!!!!!
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Tim P. writes:
I wrote some fan fiction on Reservior Dogs. 1 is a prequel that chronicles True Romance (alternate ending only). 1 chronicles Pulp Fiction with my idea of a cop. Jack Caldwell. If they ever had a sequel and Quentin Tarantino liked this idea maybe The Rock could play that cop. I posted it on under the misc movies category. We could write fan fiction to Quentin Tarantino films. We can not make money from it. Christopher Walken in True Romance plays Vincent Coccotti. I had thoughts on the alternate ending to True Romance to when Alabama met Larry/Mr. White. Alabama is found by Vincenzo Coccotti. They beat each other up. Alabama also finds out that Coccotti killed her father in law. Coccotti gets a kitchen knife and makes the move to stab Alabama with it. Alabama finds a sharp pair of scissors. She stabs Coccotti in the stomach with this sharp pair of scissors. Then Coccotti when he gets back up pulls out a gun (it's the same gun that he killed Dennis Hopper's character with). Larry/Mr. White bursts into his home and sees Alabama in danger. Mr. White shoots Don Vincenzo in the back killing him. That's my idea on the fate of Coccotti. Also Virgil (played by James Gandolfini who plays Tony Soprano on The Sopranos) might be a Vega (he won't appear in The Vega Brothers movie). He could be brothers with Vincent and Vic Vega. It isn't know for sure. Also on the Internet Movie Database there was speculation that Mr. Blue and Blue Lou Boyle are the same person. Maybe Joe Cabot gave him the name Mr. Blue because of his name (but No one else and not even Mr. Orange knows that his real name is Blue Lou Boyle). Blue Lou Boyle could've gotten a job for Joe Cabot after his entire criminal gang from back in Detroit got whacked. There might be many actors playing various roles in Quentin Tarantino's saga. Also Jack Scagnetti and Seymor Scagnetti could be brothers. Does anyone have any ideas for a Natural Born Killers sequel? Maybe Seymor Scagnetti could find otu that Jack Scagnetti was murdered by Malory Knox and then Seymor Scagnetti wants Mallory Knox dead for it. There could be a bunch of vigilantes in a Natural Born Killers sequel that are related to those killed by Mickey and Mallory Knox. But maybe in the sequel Mickey and Mallory Knox have kids. Maybe Seymor Scagnetti kills Mallory Knox. Curdled connects to From Dusk Till Dawn (if you notice the NEWS clips). That's a remake of a short. This is the woman who's a maid chewing bubble gum (she looks so sexy blowing those bubbles and sucking them back into her mouth) played by someone who played the cab driver in Pulp Fiction.
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Dom writes:
"Tarantino-universe"?Unlikely.Check out these: Harvey Keitel:Mr White(Reservoir Dogs) and The Wolf(Pulp Fiction) Tim Roth:Mr Orange(Reservoir Dogs) and Pumpkin(Pulp Fiction) Steve Buscemi:Mr Pink(Reservoir Dogs) and Buddy Holly waiter(Pulp Fiction) Quentin Tarantino:Mr Brown(Reservoir Dogs)and Jimmie(Pulp Fiction) Samuel L. Jackson:Jules(Pulp Fiction) and the gangster[forgotten the name](Jackie Brown) Christopher Walken:Sicilian gangster[again forgot name](True Romance) and Captain Coons(Pulp Fiction) As you can see the Tarantino universe would not work as there is too much coincidence.Anyway, the number of repeating faces is cool.
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illOx writes:
Okay, to get the story line right. True Romance happened first, then Pulp Fiction, Reservoir Dogs last. It doesn't matter when the movies were MADE or FILMED, but how the STORY LINE is. Harvey Keitel's character was first The Wolf, then died as Mr White. Steve Buscemi's character was a waiter, then got mixxed up in some crap he mentioned in Resevoir Dogs and eventually became Mr Pink. Quentin Tarantino's character was Jimmie in Pulp Fiction, then got involved in Resevoir Dogs as Mr Brown along with Mr White AKA The Wolf. Samuel L. Jackson was Jules in Pulp Fiction, quit being a Ganster to wander the earth but ended up changing his name and became a gun runner in Jackie Brown. (Through probably not) The girl from True Romance (Yolanda or Alabama?), became Marcellous's girl in Pulp Fiction. Marcellous was the ganster in Pulp Fiction, then did something afterwards to get put in jail for 20 years in Resevoir Dogs. Vince and Vic were brothers, who will probably be in another movie which will take place even BEFORE Pulp Fiction and Resevoir Dogs. So everything's going backwards, first movie is last in story line etc. There are a couple others I can't remember or see right now.
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oswald writes:
Listen, Jules, nobody said that "Pumpkin" in "Pulp Fiction" was Alabama. Alabama is Patricia Arquette in "True Romance." Get your Arquettes straight!
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Gernsteine writes:
True Romance is a ripoff of Bad Lands [to some extent] with Martin Sheen and Sissy Spacek []. The xylophone intro music is the same, and there is similarity in the main characters. Sheen plays a charming but deranged killer, and Sissy is a shy as hell girl who gets tangled up in the whole road trip of killing and stealing. Also, Nat. Born Killers is even more similar to bad lands. Also 'murder in the heartland' [TV movie '93] with Tim Roth and Fairuza Balk, has the same theme. Its all based on an actual young couple who went on a killing spree across the southwest of the US in the late 1950s.
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leif writes:
I think that the names are a combination of Tarantino's lack of creativity and weak attempts at easter eggs. The diamond fence that somebody was going to go to (was it mr. white?) when he is talking to joe is named marsellus (how is that spelled?) Duh, pulp fiction.
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Mike writes:
In Kill Bill Vol 1 you notice Umas character name is beeped out. That is because she is Alabama...think about that
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