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At one point in the movie, when Frank Bannister is fleeing from something (I can't remember what) he bumps into the Director Peter Jackson (Bad Taste, Meet the Feebles, Braindead, Heavenly Creatures and the upcomming Lord of the Rings Trilogy) he seems to do this much like Stephen King does in his movies.

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Contributed By: Thanatos on 09-01-2000
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Stef writes:
Peter also made a cameo in Heavenly Creatures - he was the tramp Juliet kissed when she and Pauline are running out of the movie theatre.
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Buzzy writes:
From what I understand Peter Jackson got his idea to make appearances from Alfred Hitchock who use to do the same thing. Wonder if Peter will make an appearance in Lord of the Rings??????
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Weazel writes:
I was wondering if I know the exact screen, is it when Frank Banister (Michael J. Fox) is being haunted by death i.e. he bumps into a guy with a grim reaper shirt (Peter Jackson??) then he nearly gets killed by a Hurst (how ironic).
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Yes, Weazel, that is the scene. This just happens to be my favorite movie, so I know every single scene in order (and most of the lines), and it is right after he confronts Magda (Sp.?) Reese Jones in the newspaper building. Notice, also, that when they are in the office arguing about an unfair story she published about him (before he leaves and bumps into the director), she walks to the door and opens it, basically telling him to leave. With his back to her, Frank picks up a little glass nicknack on her desk and grips it like he's contemplating chucking it at her head. I just thought that was funny, and I didn't think very many people caught that.
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