Deus Ex Easter Egg - Hidden Cheat Codes (NOT AN EGG)

This is not an egg, but the complexity of pulling off these cheats requires some substancial effort.


Edit user.ini in the deusex/system folder and change an empty key binding from (example!) 't=' to 't=talk' (do this for all occurances of 't='). In game, press T to make a line 'Say:' display at the bottom. Delete the word 'Say'. Always type on a blank line.

To activate cheat mode, type in "set DeusEx.JCDentonMale bCheatsEnabled True" (without the quotes) in the console. Now type any of the following codes:

ALLAMMO: Refill Ammo
ALLAUGS: All Basic Augmentations
ALLCREDITS: 10,000 Credits
ALLENERGY: Full Energy
ALLHEALTH: Full Health
ALLSKILLPOINTS: Gives All Skill Points
ALLWEAPONS: Give All Weapons
BEHINDVIEW 1/0: Third Person View On/Off
FLY: Fly Mode
GOD: God Mode
INVISIBLE: Invisibility
LEGEND: Secret Menu
OPENSESAME: Unlock Targeted Door
SPAWNMASS: Spawn A Mass Of Enemies
SUMMON X: Summon Item X (See List Below)
TANTALUS: Kill Current Target
WALK: Fly Mode Off

Summon Objects
SUMMON + "code word listed below"
(These ones are self explanitory)


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Contributed By: Merre on 08-16-2000
Reviewed By: Webmaster
Special Requirements: Deus Ex Game, Mac/PC, Lotsa RAM, 3D Card
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Cowandchick writes:
The only real egg here is the secret menu (type legend)
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Peanut Dark writes:
Hey, guess what?! It said "NOT AN EGG"... sheesh. I want to know how or if there are deus ex demo cheats... If you know, email me... thnx
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Cowandchick writes:
Yeah, but the only egg is the secret menu!
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Aldaris writes:
my deus ex stuffs up at the end of level one, can some one plz tell me the name of the level right after it so i can level change.
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catsimboy writes:
Plus you can summon "coffeetable" and watch the fourth ending in the "legend" level select. You can mess it up by putting stuff like people and greasels in there!
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I wish you could summon that security bot. You can summon Paul and he'll shoot any bad guys though (he is invincible).
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Colin Seddon writes:
AFAIK, "spawnmass" doesn't work like that. Format is SPAWNMASS X Y Where X is a summonable object and Y is the number of them you want.
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peef writes:
That's COOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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AJK writes:
If you start the game with the command line ...deusex.exe -hax0r you don't need to type the 'set deusex.jcdentonmale bcheatsenabled true' bit.
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Evil Greebo writes:
I was looking at a cheat site which had "buzzbuzz" (a chain saw) & broomstick (double barroled shotgun, "THIS IS MY BROOMSTICK!" from one of the evil dead films) but i haven't been able to get them to work, has anyone else or are they fakes?
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thanks for the cheats! I know the only EGG is the secret menu, (legend)... but who cares!
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Mark writes:
I cant get the cheats to work for nothing.Can someone please HELP!!! Im stuck in the lab at VersaLife and cant get out. I neeeed CHEATS Thanks-Anyone
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The Quote from Evil Dead isn't Broom-Stick Its Boom-Stick
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poppasmurf writes:
You have forgotten this the level selsction play any level you wish. I will return with the article Enable cheats You will need to edit your user.ini file located in the the main Deus Ex folder. Use SimpleText or another similar text editor. When in the text editor, choose "find" from the "edit" menu (or press command+f), and look for "t=". There are actually 2 lines in the file for every key you have on the keyboard, one for lowercase and one for uppercase letters. Find the first line and change it to "t=talk". Search again and change the next line, "T=", to read "T=talk". Save the file and quit. Start the game, but don't choose the realistic mode as cheats are disabled in a realistic game. Hit the "t" key when you wish to enter a code. A console will come up at the bottom of your screen, and you should delete the the default command that begins with "Say". Now type: "set DeusEx.JCDentonMale bCheatsEnabled True" then press enter. The cheats are now enabled for that particular level (codes must be re-entered for each level). Type in the codes below to activate the corresponding functions: Cheat codes god -- god mode invisible -- invisibility behindview 1/0 -- third-person view fly -- fly mode ghost -- no clipping walk -- fly mode/no clipping off iamwarren -- activates EMP field allskillpoints -- all skill points allweapons -- all Weapons allammo -- restores all ammo allaugs -- all basic augmentations tantalus -- kills current target opensesame -- unlocks selected door/panel legend -- secret menu allhealth -- full health allenergy -- full energy allcredits -- 10,000 credits allimages -- image archive summon (object name) -- requested objects (see item list below) augadd (augmentation) -- augment (see types of augmentation below) spawnmass (object name#) -- multiple objects (# = desired amount) playersonly -- stop time open (level name) -- go to level (see level names below) Objects Items Lockpick Basketball MultiTool AcousticSensor HazMatSuit SodaCan Candybar Liquor40oz SoyFood VialAmbrosia Rebreather AdaptiveArmor Binoculars BallisticArmor LiquorBottle Credits WineBottle Cigarettes Medkit VialCrack Flare lightbulb Attack Helicopter minisub Phone Flagpole Newspaper Vending Machine Microscope Faucet moon earth Watercooler Waterfountain Toilet Trashbag Datacube FireExtinguisher AugmentationUpgradeCannister Weapons WeaponPistol WeaponRifle WeaponStealthPistol WeaponShuriken WeaponSawedOffShotgun WeaponProd WeaponPlasmaRifle WeaponAssaultShotgun WeaponFlameThrower WeaponGasGrenade WeaponLAM WeaponCombatKnife WeaponCrowbar WeaponHideAGun WeaponAssaultGun WeaponLAW WeaponPepperGun WeaponMiniCrossbow WeaponSword WeaponBaton WeaponNanoSword WeaponEMPGrenade WeaponNanoVirusGrenade Weapongepgun Ammunition Ammo10mm AmmoDart AmmoDartPoison AmmoDartFlare AmmoNapalm AmmoPlasma Ammo3006 AmmoRockets AmmoRocketWP Ammo20mm AmmoSabot Weapon mods Weaponmodaccuracy Weaponmodclip Weaponmodlaser Weaponmodrange Weaponmodrecoil Weaponmodscope Weaponmodsilencer Weaponmodreload Augmentations AugBallistic -- Ballistic Protection AugCloak -- Cloak AugCombat -- Combat Strength AugEMP -- EMP Shield AugEnviro -- Enviromental Resistance AugMuscle -- Microfibral Muscle AugShield -- Energy Shield AugRadarTrans -- Radar Transparency AugTarget -- Targeting AugAqualung -- Aqualung AugHealing -- Regeneration AugStealth -- Run Silent AugSpeed -- Speed Enhancement AugVision -- Vision Enhancement AugDefense -- Aggressive Defense System AugDrone -- Spy Drone AugHeartLung -- Synthetic Heart AugPower -- Power Recirculator Levels 00_Training -- Training Mission: Part 1 00_TrainingCombat -- Training Mission: Part 2 00_TrainingFinal -- Training Mission: Part 3 01_NYC_UNATCOHQ -- Mission 1: UNATCO HQ 01_NYC_UNATCOIsland -- Mission 1: Ellis Island 02_NYC_Bar -- Mission 2: Hell's Kitchen, Underworld Bar 02_NYC_BatteryPark -- Mission 2: Battery Park 02_NYC_FreeClinic -- Mission 2: Hell's Kitchen, Free Clinic 02_NYC_Hotel -- Mission 2: Hell's Kitchen, 'Ton Hotel 02_NYC_Smug -- Mission 2: Hell's Kitchen, Smuggler's Place 02_NYC_Street -- Mission 2: Hell's Kitchen, Street 02_NYC_Underground -- Mission 2: Hell's Kitchen, Sewers 02_NYC_Warehouse -- Mission 2: Hell's Kitchen, Rooftops 03_NYC_747 -- Mission 3: Airfield, 747 within Hangar 03_NYC_Airfield -- Mission 3: Airfield 03_NYC_AirfieldHelibase -- Mission 3: Airfield Helibase 03_NYC_BatteryPark -- Mission 3: Battery Park 03_NYC_BrooklynBridgeStation -- Mission 3: Brooklyn Bridge Subway Station 03_NYC_Hangar -- Mission 3: Airfield, within Hangar 03_NYC_MolePeople -- Mission 3: Mole Tunnels 03_NYC_UNATCOHQ -- Mission 3: UNATCO HQ 03_NYC_UNATCOIsland -- Mission 3: Ellis Island 04_NYC_Bar -- Mission 4: Hell's Kitchen, Underworld Tavern 04_NYC_BatteryPark -- Mission 4: Battery Park 04_NYC_Hotel -- Mission 4: Hell's Kitchen, 'Ton Hotel 04_NYC_NSFHQ -- Mission 4: Hell's Kitchen, NSF HQ in warehouse 04_NYC_Smug -- Mission 4: Hell's Kitchen, Smuggler's Place 04_NYC_Street -- Mission 4: Hell's Kitchen, Street 04_NYC_UNATCOHQ -- Mission 4: UNATCO HQ 04_NYC_UNATCOIsland -- Mission 4: Ellis Island 04_NYC_Underground -- Mission 4: Hell's Kitchen, Sewers 05_NYC_UNATCOHQ -- Mission 5: UNATCO HQ 05_NYC_UNATCOIsland -- Mission 5: Ellis Island 05_NYC_UNATCOMJ12lab -- Mission 5: Majestic 12 Facility 06_HongKong_Helibase -- Mission 6: Hong Kong, Majestic 12 Helibase 06_HongKong_MJ12lab -- Mission 6: Hong Kong, Versalife Corp., Majestic 12 Lab 06_HongKong_Storage -- Mission 6: Hong Kong, Versalife Corp., Majestic 12 Lab 06_HongKong_TongBase -- Mission 6: Hong Kong, Tracer Tong's Lab 06_HongKong_Versalife -- Mission 6: Hong Kong, Versalife Corp. 06_HongKong_WanChai_Canal -- Mission 6: Hong Kong, Canal Road 06_HongKong_WanChai_Garage -- Mission 6: Hong Kong, Versalife Corp., Majestic 12 Lab 06_HongKong_WanChai_Market -- Mission 6: Hong Kong, WanChai Market 06_HongKong_WanChai_Street -- Mission 6: Hong Kong, Tonnochi Road 06_HongKong_WanChai_Underworld -- Mission 6: Hong Kong, Lucky Money Club 08_NYC_Bar -- Mission 7: Hell's Kitchen, Underworld Tavern 08_NYC_FreeClinic -- Mission 7: Hell's Kitchen, Free Clinic 08_NYC_Hotel -- Mission 7: Hell's Kitchen, 'Ton Hotel 08_NYC_Smug -- Mission 7: Hell's Kitchen, Smuggler's Place 08_NYC_Street -- Mission 7: Hell's Kitchen, Street 08_NYC_Underground -- Mission 7: Hell's Kitchen, Sewers 09_NYC_Dockyard -- Mission 8: Naval Base 09_NYC_Graveyard -- Mission 8: NYC, Cemetary 09_NYC_Ship -- Mission 8: Naval Base, Superfreighter, Top and Mid decks 09_NYC_ShipBelow -- Mission 8: Naval Base, Superfreigher, Lower deck 09_NYC_ShipFan -- Mission 8: Naval Base, Ventilation System 10_Paris_Catacombs -- Mission 9: Paris, Surface above Catacombs 10_Paris_Catacombs_Tunnels -- Mission 9: Paris, Catacomb Tunnels 10_Paris_Chateau -- Mission 9: Paris, DuClare Chateau 10_Paris_Club -- Mission 9: Paris, La Porte de l'Enfer Club 10_Paris_Metro -- Mission 9: Paris, Metropolitan Area 11_Paris_Cathedral -- Mission 10: Paris, Templar's Cathedral 11_Paris_Everett -- Mission 10: Paris, Morgan Everett's Home 11_Paris_Underground -- Mission 10: Paris, Tunnels 12_Vandenberg_Cmd -- Mission 11: Vandenberg, Command Center 12_Vandenberg_Computer -- Mission 11: Vandenberg, Computer Core 12_Vandenberg_Gas -- Mission 11: Vandenberg, Gas Station 12_Vandenberg_Tunnels -- Mission 11: Vandenberg, Access Tunnels 14_OceanLab_Lab -- Mission 12: MJ12 Ocean Lab 14_OceanLab_Silo -- Mission 12: Missile Silo 14_OceanLab_UC -- Mission 12: MJ12 Ocean Lab, UC Chamber 14_Vandenberg_Sub -- Mission 12: Vandenberg Sub Base 15_Area51_Bunker -- Mission 13: Area 51, Surface Base 15_Area51_Entrance -- Mission 13: Area 51, Underground Base, Sections 1 and 2 15_Area51_Final -- Mission 13: Area 51, Underground Base, Section 3 15_Area51_Page -- Mission 13: Area 51, Underground Base, Section 4 Cool Set of Codes No EGGS SORRY GUYS HAPPY HaCKING Happy Deus Exing
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Does anyone know what that add dump button in the secret menu does and how to enable it? It says something about the 'user' file.
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jamesn writes:
Yes, you are correct, apart from the secret penguin in the last level, and on the credits screen you can type 'thereisnospoon' and then when you return to the game you get weirdass matrix-type textures
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The INVISIBLE cheat doesn't work on Macs. Also, you can put "bCheatsEnabled True" under the [DeusEx.DeusExGameInfo] section of the file "User.ini". Unfortunately, this doesn't work on Macs either. (Maybe it does, but I only have the demo.)
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I don't see why the cheat code would be 'broomstick;' the guy in Evil Dead said in a STICK that goes BOOM; in other words, his shotgun. BOOM-stick. BOOOOOOOOM... no 'R.'
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PCG342 writes:
The "boomstick" and "buzzbuzz" cheats are false, and in order to bind keys to commands (as well as tweak settings) enter the cheat: preferences. This will enable you to set commands to a desired key. My favorite is "spawnmass shuriken 20" to summon a shotgun-blast of throwing knives. Also, you can bind keys to things like "opensesame" (unlock anything) and "tantalus" (destroy anything). Have fun, you filthy cheaters!
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KnapW0n writes:
two more hacks: 1. weapons: robotmachinegun robotrocket 2. items securitybot1 securitybot2 securitybot3 securitybot4 I haven't played in a while, but i do remember that the yellow security bot was never seen in game, and that you CAN have two robotmachinegun s and use them at the same time. the robotrocket can hold some 50+ rockets, as compared to the 20 that the GEp can have.
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