Deus Ex Easter Egg - The Underworld Internet Oracle?

Your 'computers' skill needs to be at 'trained' or better. You can upgrade it at the start of the game or later on using accrued skill points.

Visit Smuggler's Lair on the second mission. You can get there by taking a downstairs near the subway entrance. You'll require a password from Jock at the Underworld bar.

After you bypass Smuggler's booby trap, you'll enter a room inhabited by Smuggler. Toward the left wall there is a computer terminal.

Activate the terminal and hack into it. Work fast, or your break-in will be detected. One of the messages is in French. Choose the other message.

Old-school tech savvy gamers will notice a parody on the Internet (or Usenet) Oracle of Steve Kinzler fame. (

"The Oracle Says"
[An underworld message]
"The Oracle wants to know the last joke you heard."

Seems in the dystopic world of 2048, humor is in short supply, and the anonymous old-school oracle system has become a means for the free-thinking underground elite to pass around messages in confidence.

Trey nifty, eh? It's nice to know the oracle will still demand tribute.


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Contributed By: Anonymous on 08-01-2000
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Special Requirements: You need the retail version of Deus Ex or the demo with the 2nd mission add-on download.
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The Raven writes:
Alex Jacobson's computer has another Oracle message on the Escape from Unatco level. Both messages are signed as coming from "Rosy Cross", which is the symbol of the Rosicrucian Society, a semi-secret society popular among Anglo-American elites in the 19th century.
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Actually, the Rosicrucians, according to the books of the Illuminatus! trilogy (I can't remember the author, but this book really popularized the Illuminati), were one of the Illuminati's names. If you like Deus Ex's conspiracies, read these books, "The Eye in the Pyramid", "The Golden Apple", and "Leviathan". They're a good read, untill the end...
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Ludovic writes:
The Illuminatus! books were written by the excellent writer Mr Robert Anton Wilson, also author of the Shrodinger's Cat Trilogy and a number of others. His website is at
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