Die Hard 3 Easter Egg - The Courier Connection

In the beginning of the first Die Hard movie, the terrorists are in two vehicles driving toward Nakatomi Plaza - a Mercedes and a black delivery van with a logo and a company name of "Pacific Courier". In the third Die Hard movie (Die Hard with a Vengeance) the opening of the movie involves the blowing up of a department store (Bonwit Teller). As the store "blows up", a van parked in front of the store is also destroyed (flipped over). The van has the same logo as the van in the first movie but says "Atlantic Courier" on the side. My guess that is a the director (John McTiernan) wanted a connection with the first movie as he did not direct Die Hard 2 but did direct the first and third installments in the series.

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Contributed By: pete on 07-25-2000
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warnieslady writes:
If you have the movie set that was put out in stores.... in the second one, the reporter Coleman can be seen in part 3 (vengence) making a phone call after they find out that there is a bomb in one of the schools. Also, in the first one Ricky (?) is one of the officer's giving medical help to Al Powell. IN the third one.. He is the detective who is asked if he played the lotto the night before and he says "Yep... 6991". There are many others but only if you have the 6 hours to watch all three movies back to back...
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iamask8er writes:
In the first movie (die hard) John Mclane kills a guy with short blond hair. (it is the first guy he kills) he takes some weapons and a zippo lighter from him. In the second movie (die hard2) near the beginning he is in the airport and lights a cigarate with a zippo lighter. I'm not sure if it is the same lighter but it sure does look like it. this may be a connection.
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iamask8er writes:
When I watched the third movie (Die Hard with a vengeance) the first time I could not find the lighter but when I watched it again I saw it. it is in the first scene with Bruce Willis in it. They are in the back of the van and he lights a cigarette with a zippo lighter. You don't see the whole lighter but you can tell it's a zippo.
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cobalt7569 writes:
don't know if this is an egg or not, but when John and Zeus are heading towards the phone booth after Simon first talks to them on the phone in the police station, John mentions his suspension and that he was "smoking cigarettes and watching Captain Kangaroo." In Pulp Fiction (a movie in which Bruce Willis and Samuel L. Jackson both starred in), right before he runs over Marsellus Wallace, he is singing that exact line from a song on the radio in his car.
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