Bush, Kate Easter Egg - KT

On each 45 single the logo that she created for her original band KT is hidden somewhere.

Each single has a weird inscriptin scratched into the quiet zone at the end of the record. Only she know what they mean.

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Contributed By: whiskeyman on 08-17-1999
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harkstone writes:
The KT monogram is hidden on each of her album (LP) covers also.
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Hollow Angel writes:
'KT' does appear on each album cover, here are the locations for those who want to check for themselves, (The logo actually looks like a letter 'T' with two lines making a 'K' of the vertical line of the 'T' itself). The Kick Inside - (Vinyl Album Sleve only, not visible on the CD artwork) On the reverse, very clearly seen in the pattern of the kite. It's a white circle with the 'KT' logo in black. Lionheart - (On the front cover, visible on all versions)The 'KT' logo is marked on the shaddowed side of the crate Kate is leaning on. (not in a circle) Never For Ever - (Visible on the vinyl gatefold album artwork only, not visible on the CD)Inside the gatefold sleve are the lyrics with some artwork. One of the artworks is of a rose. The 'KT' logo is drawn as if it is carved into the stem of the rose (in a circle). The Dreaming - (Visible on all versions) Tricky to find at first but when you have seen it it's quite obvious. On the front cover Kate is wearing a dogtooth pattern top. One hand is visible holding 'Hudini's' head. On the sleve of the top at the wrist are two black bands just below the second band (moving in a downward direction) inside the tiny white part of the pattern (on her top) is the KT logo. It could be in a white circle its too tiny for me to be able to tell. Hounds of Love - (Is visible on both the vinyl and CD although due to poor artwork reporduction on the CD it's not very clear. On the vinyl cover it is crystal clear) This took me ages to find but I found it eventually. On the reverse of the album cover (or the back page of the CD booklet) is a cepia photo of Kate floating in water. She is wearing a loose top under a life jacket. On the right arm of the top (the one reaching across the photo) there is some loose material floating out in the water (floating out to Kate's right). Clinging onto this material are what looks like two strands of seaweed. Between the two strands painted in to look like a shadow of the seaweed is the KT logo, (not in a circle). Unfortunately on the CD booklet it only looks like a 'K' the crossing of the 'T' seems to have gotten lost in the reduction process, however it is very visibly there on the album, no question. Sensual World - (Again clearer on the vinyl artwork but just visible on both) This is a stinker. Probably the hardest to locate of them all. It is air-brushed into the skintone of her right shoulder. The best way to see it is to turn the cover (or booklet) through 90 degrees clockwise so Kates bare shoulder is in the top left. Her collar bone shadow will now be verticle running up to the the top of her arm. Just below the shadow cast by the top of her arm (making what looks like a number '7' with the collar bone shadow) in the skintone you can make out the 'KT' logo (not in a cricle). With the album cover/CD booklet in this position the 'KT' is leaning back slightly. It's a struggle to find initially but I promise you it's there. Once you see it, it becomes obvious it has been painted in. The Red Shoes - (visible on all versions, although there is a slight variation between the UK and US release) Look directly above the lettering 'TE' from 'KATE' for the UK version or the 'R' of 'RED' on the US version. you will see the 'KT' logo as if it has been projected onto the ground at an odd angle. As far as I am aware the logo did not appear on the cover of 'Live at the Hammersmith Odeon' or on the cover of 'The Whole Stroy (the best of)' although the logo was present in the runout groove of one run of the UK vinyl pressings. I guess that makes them collectible. Have fun looking xx
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ShampooCell writes:
The logo appears on the front of her latest album, Aerial, as well. It's toward the bottom of the front cover, slightly right of the center. If you still can't find it, put your finger on the soundwave/mountain that's just to the right of the largest one. Run it straight down, and you'll run into the KT logo.
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I cant find the KT symbol on 50 Words for Snow - CD - or The Whole Story - CD, anyone help with this please? I think the symbol is within the film reel on The Directors Cut - but could do with confirmation!! Cheers
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