Wolfenstein 3D Easter Egg - A Tribute to Pac Man

Launch the game with wolf3d -next (v1.0) ou wolf3d -goobers (v1.1+)

Go to third episode.

When game screen appears, press in the same time
CTRL+ALT+Enter (v1.0), or ALT+Shift+Backspace (v1.1+)

Debuging keys are on

Press in the same time TAB and Z, then Enter 10

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Contributed By: Frederic Bezies on 08-16-1999
Reviewed By: Webmaster
Special Requirements: DOS 5.x, 6.x, Windows 95 and 98
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Dave writes:
You want to do something even more impressive? Get there without warping directly to it. It's at the end of the longest maze you've ever seen in E3, M7; look in an editor and you'll see that the map takes up 75% percent of the level. And you need to go through 4 secrets to get to it. Good luck (although it is easy enough to traverse by using the right hand wall technique)!
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iamthouth writes:
Want to know something even more exiting? There is a "secret level 10" in every episode 1-6. On one of the levels in every episode there is an alternative elevator, e.g. in episode one it is on level one. in the last room before the elevator there is a secret door to the right. Go through the secrets doors (i think there's 3) and enter the elevator. And then you should be one level 10. To see where all the secret elevators are, use the editor.
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Richard_Ward writes:
there are a few other secrets about the pacman level: if you put your difficulty up to a higher skill level, the ghosts will hurt you... and hurt you a lot!!
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