Sailor Moon Easter Egg - Serena's Test

When Serena was looking at her test in the upper right coner it say "One day Mr. Ikuhara went to Roppongi to do nanpa. He was very tired after a big work. So he applied for comfort to any tender girl." Mr. Ikuhara is the Series Director for Sailor Moon. Roppongi to do nanpa means flirt. Given which episode this is, I think we can guess what the "big work" is supposed to be.

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Serena's Test
Serena's Test

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To begin, I think it should be mentioned that this egg is from Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon S episode #90; In the English dub, episode #83. Correctly translated, the sentence reads: "One day Ikuhara-san went to Roppongi to flirt. He was very tired after doing much work, so he sought comfort in a tender girl." To fully get the humor of this sentence, you have to know a couple of things: Kuniko Ikuhara was one of the major directors that worked on Sailor Moon, Rappongi is an entertainment district in Tokyo that is popular among businessmen, and the "much work" that is mentioned would have to be first two seasons of Sailor Moon that Ikuahara was had a big part in creating. It's really a very interesting multi-leveled pun. ^.^
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Almost forgot, there was scene, I don't know from where, and I think it's only in the unedited subtitled videos. But they have either sailor uranus or neptune trying to keep the other from falling, and somehow a line comes up where one says to the other, "That's not what you said in bed last night." How's that for some kick a** fun!
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Ok, in response to that whole "Crane Game Card Captor Sakura" thing, This is what I have to say. I found the different characters in the crane machine, and these are them. At the arcade, Darien tries to win the doll that looks like Tuxedo Mask from the "Crane Game". [These are called UFO Catcher Dolls, and Sailormoon UFO catcher dolls were actually available in Japan.] Amongst the other dolls in the game you can see a Sailor V doll, a Sailor Mars doll and a Queen Beryl doll. The green frog-like doll in the bottom left corner is a kappa which a little goblin sort of creature from Japanese fairy tales [Ai-chan wins one of these dolls in Video Girl Ai and Yuu wins one for Miki in Marmalade Boy]. There's also a chicken that looks like Serena's alarm clock. Also in the Crane Game, the pink haired girl, the pink fish, the cow next to the pink haired girl and the girl with yellow hair behind them are from the anime Kingyo Chuihou ("Gold Fish Alert") by Neko Nekobe. The pink fish appears a lot in Sailor Moon; in this episode it's also on one of the socks in Serena's dresser. The reason for all these Kingyo Chuihou references in Sailor Moon is that the same animation director, Junichi Sato, worked on both shows Here is the URL to the picture, if you need to check it out. Just copy and paste. I dunno if this thing is Html compatable. Oh, and here is the URL for the picture of the pink haired girl from Kingyo Chuihou, in case you can't see her in that pic above. There, hope that was helpful. ^_^
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Fuzzball30 writes:
SORRY! But the cross-gender character was ZOICITE..... not Jadeite! Geeze... Also, they changed Fisheye's gender because he falls in love with Mamoru. (A very amusing episode)I think they changed Zirconia's gender because she's was just too ugly... H&M forever
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Chibi-Saturn writes:
I'm glad to know that I am not the only Sailor Moon here!!!! I have seen Sailor Moon Stars Volumes 1-4. In the first episode the villian from Sailor Moon Super S shows that she is not dead yet. And my favorite character Sailor Saturn gets her own epidode!! And by the way, can someone explain how the Sailor Starlight s (Which are the new Senshi) are boys before they transform and girls after?? Even though i have no idea what gender it is, Sailor Star Healer is the Cutest!!!!
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That is but the tip of the iceberg...There is muchmore than just panty shots that were removed or apparently waxed over. In the newer released episodes u can clearly see that they are doing a horrible job at covering the fact sailor uranus and neptune are gay, in the early seasons they changed the voice of one of the bad guys to change his/her gender. And as previously stated the whole bunch of risque scenes cut out.
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Sailor C writes:
Kami-sama! Only one easter egg here? This cannot be possible. After counting the inside jokes listed on a certain web site, there are 57, plus the one above. And that's just in the dub!
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Anne writes:
IcyCloud, I believe that the villain that YOU are talking about is Zoycite. Jadeite was a male in both versions and in neither version is he in love with Malachite. Zoycite was in love with Malachite. And also went through a sex change when he was dubbed.
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V.V. writes:
The sailor starlights were girls in real life. when they took human roles they chose to be guys, but they are actually girls.
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IcyCloud writes:
Flyingdebrisguy, I think the villain you were thinking of is Jadeite. Yes, in the original Japanese version, he was indeed a man and in love with Kunzite (Malachite in the English version). But then DiC changed it to a female to make it less risque. They have done the same thing for many characters. In the Sailor Moon Super S season, they changed Fish Eye into a female for the same reason, as Fish Eye was originally a man and attracted to boys. Oddly enough, they changed the gender of Ziroconia, as she was a woman in the original version. Why they made her a man, I'll never know, but it really killed a lot of the later puns made about her by the Amazoness Quartet.
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magpie writes:
Um, I don't think Usagi ever asks random passersby if her breasts are too small in the Japanese version.
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AndyAnime writes:
Well, from what I understand, the original "Bishojo Senshi Sailor Moon" TV series had a lot of sexual innuendo and jokes (for example, Serena/Usagi walking up to people on the street and asking if they think her breasts are too small.) And we can't forget all those panty shots that made it through the cutting room!
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Valorin writes:
They do that sort of thing all the time. In the Cartoon Network edit they make Uranus and Neptune "cousins", though its pretty obvious they're lovers
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miznobody720 writes:
I believe there was also an episode in SMR in which the girls all wanted to be Snow White in a play and Makoto said that she should get the part because she had the biggest breasts.
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Uh, can someone please tell me (I read this once before) if CardCaptor Sakura was one of the dolls in the BSSM episodes where...oh, I forget who it was--the kid with the psychokinetic powers--got all the dolls out of that crane game. I know that ChibiSenshi dolls pop up in the game sometimes (along with Tuxedo Kamen). I know there are some other popular anime characters included but who?
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ok, the line between unanus and neptune is in the first episode of sailor stars (either that or the second), and it is something like "i only take that kind of advice in bed" (i have two sub-ed versions, and they say completely different things, the other is "you shouldn't be the one talking"). I just have to say that sm is very sexual, that is part of what makes it funny and interesting. Dic messed with a lot of the stuff, so I suggest watching the sub-ed versions.
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Sailormoon doesn't have sexual stuff in it. It's harmless. Card Captor Sakura dolls could not have been in it because Sailormoon ended before Card Captor Sakura started.
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