Heretic Easter Egg - Cheat Codes (NOT AN EGG)

1. Type "quicken" for god mode
2. Type "rambo" for all weapons
3. Type "gimme" for artifacts
4. Type "ravskel" for all keys
5. Type "ravmap" for all map
6. Type "kitty" to walk through walls
7. Type "ponce" for full health
8. Type "massacre" to kill everything on the level
9. Type "cockadoodledoo" to turn into a chicken

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Contributed By: Anonymous on 07-10-1999
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Special Requirements: None
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Not that anyone likely cares 'bout this game anymore, but if you try to enter the old Doom codes in Heretic they work... sort of. Use IDDQD and the game kills you, use IDKFA and you lose all your weapons... I don't know if any other Doom codes "work" but I don't think so... C.M.-
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-=QWERTY=- writes:
Codes ' Alphabet B0 A 91 H F5 O ?? V 94 B B1 I 92 P ?? W B4 C ?? J B2 Q X D0 D B5 K 96 R B3 Y F0 E D1 L B6 S 97 Z D4 F F1 M D2 T F4 G D5 N F2 U RAVMAP - Puts All The Information Available In The MAP QUICKEN - God Mode KITTY - Wall Clipping On/Off RAMBO - All Weapons/ammo SHAZAM - A Single Black Bible - Much More Power PONCE - Health SKEL - Give You All The Keyz NOISE - Sound Debug Info TICKER - Sound & Music Bar Display In The Top-Left Side Of The Screen GIMME [A-J] [1-9] : A - Ring Of God(Invincibility) F - Torch B - Shadow Sphere(Transperent) G - Time Bomb of The Ancient Gods C - Health Bavarage(Quartz Flask) H - Flying Eggs (Morph Ovum) D - Full Health(Mystic Urn) I - Flight Ability(Wings of Wrath) E - Black Bible=Tomb of Power(SHAZAM) J - Emergency Jump To Starting Point (Increases shot power) *** [1-9]:The Numbers Are the Amount you want to get *** ENGAGExx Level Warp (episode/map) COCKADOODLEDOO - Fun Thin to transmutate into CHiCKEN! MASSACRE - Kills All The Creatures And Monsters In the Level IDKFA - No Ammo IDDQD - Instant Death
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