Legend of Mana Easter Egg - Whack-a-Mole Wanna-Be

1.On the map screen, go to a section where the screen is full of lands.
2.Hold all 4 L & R buttons for a few seconds.
3.Play a whack-a-mole wanna-be game.

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Contributed By: Warren the Frog on 06-20-2000
Reviewed By: Webmaster
Special Requirements: Legend of Mana, playstation or emulator
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ProFi writes:
nah, legend of mana/gaia on playstation? never heard of it.. besides... i have 6 L/R buttons (dual-shock) ;-) wich must i press??? LOL ;-)
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Tadabiyashi writes:
The top four...... anyway, you can also acess this game by holding down the L1key alone. There are 8 levels. The higher the level is, the less time you are givin to whack the land. You get the current level you are on plus 1 times two points added if you hit the land in time (Level "1"+1=2x5= 10points) You get the current level plus 1 times two subtracted if you miss and hit a land that is not enlarged (Level "1"+1=2x2= 4points) And the last land you get, "The tree of Mana" gives you double points. There is no hiscore or prize for playing this game.
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pneuma08 writes:
Note to ProFi: Yes, there is a game called Legend of Mana on the Playstation. It was made by Square, and the third game in the 'Mana' series (fourth in Japan, where they call it Seiken Densetsu 4). The first is Final Fantasy Adventure for the Game Boy, the second is Secret of Mana for the Super Nintendo(The third was never released in the US, entitled Seiken Densetsu 3). Also, as a side note, the 'Gaia' you refer to is most likely Illusion of Gaia on the Super Nintendo, which is the second in a trilogy (First: Soul Blazer-SNES, Third: Terranigma-SNES. Terrinigma was never released in the US, but was in Great Britain). It was made by Enix. More info available at http://www.rpgamer.com/
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