Army of Darkness Easter Egg - Bruce's Dad

During the scene where the Deadites break through the castle walls, and Arthur's men do the *Hah who hey ya* thing, a few minutes after that, a man will FALL into the camera, grey hair and a slash down his check.

Bruces Dad.

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Contributed By: The Professional on 06-12-2000
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Special Requirements: copy of army of darkness in any shape
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Bruce's Dad
Bruce's Dad

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Mr-Grumbles writes:
YES WAY TED! Mr. Campbell's father IS in the movie. I also have the DVD and Bruce and Sam point out Bruce's father. He's not hard to miss, right after the soldiers do the attack sequence that Ash taught them, and the deadites and villagers collide, an old man with a very large white beard dies right in front of the camera, that is Bruce's dad which he and Sam point out...any doubters??? WATCH THE DVD AGAIN!
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Timbo writes:
In this little bit of information, I can explain what is true. Now on the subject of DVDs: So far there are three of them. There is the green one(THX certified), the collectors edition, and the Official Bootleg Edition, which I have. Now each DVD, will most likely come with different commentary. In mines commentary, they make it a very specific point that that is Bruce Campbell's father. In fact they talk about it for at least a minute. Now, I am not saying that you are wrong, I am just saying that that is Bruce Campbell's father, i am just trying to clear some of these up.
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ZombieTart writes:
I don't know about any of the other version of the DVD's but I do know that, for sure, this is mentioned on the Official Bootleg Army of Darkness DVD. Anyone else who knows for sure about the other DVD's should add their two cents.
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This guy is extremely easy to spot, you don't need to pause it, play it slow mo, or anything. Just watch the movie, you'll see him, guaranteed.
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Actually, Here's the run-down of all the dvds of this film: 1) The single disc released by Universal. 2)The single disc released by Anchor Bay. 3)The 2 disc Limited Edition (50,000 made, each individually numbered) with the THX certified theatrical cut in Dolby 5.1 and the Director's Cut (not in THX/compare image quality)in Dolby 2.0. 4) The single disc Director's Cut released by Anchor Bay. 5) The Bootleg Cut relaesed by Anchor Bay.....oh, and before you type-happy whiners try to wax intellectual and contradict me, go out to a retail store like Best Buy and prove yourself wrong! Oh, by the way, you will not find the 2-disc Limited Edition any more....hence the "limited".
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