Fantasia 2000 Easter Egg - Spot a Nina

Watch for the hidden Nina's during the Herchfeld segment...He is known to hide his daughter's name in his art work.

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Contributed By: imaginess on 05-31-2000
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Dave writes:
I found one of the Ninas at the beginning wherethe guy is brushing his teeth and on the end of the toothpaste tube is the name NINA. In case you're intrested Herschfield (I'm sorry if I spelled it wrong) he draws cariactures (again pardon my misspelling...if there is one)of people and by his signature there is a number, usually 5. This means that he has hidden the name NINA in it 5 (or the number by signature)times. I think that Nina is his daughter, although I could be wrong. Once again, pardon the uncertainty of this comment and it's author.
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Names, names all over the place, and I don't know what they mean. Poster in jazz player's bedroom as he is drinking milk says "Live Music at Fred's Place" Right after the guy drinks his milk, it goes through a wall to the outside. On the inside of this wall is "Michael" written in cursive, and possibly "Marci". As the Jazz player catches the news truck, one can see a van in the back with "Tara" on it. After the "Jobs Scarce" newspaper is dropped on the sidewalk and it turns into the newspaper in the guy's hand, look at the menu titled "Breakfast Specials" on the very right of the screen. On this menu are not omlettes or pancakes, but the names "Doug", "Eric", and "Susan". The small restaurant that the man drinks in is "Monica's Diner". After the man has had his coffee and steps outside, the news truck with the jazz player zips by. On the fence on the left side of the construction zone entrance is a poster with the names "George and Ethel" on it. After the people get off the subway and as they go up the stairs, there are posters on the wall. One says "Doug Walker" and the other "Karen at Sea" After jazz man crushes his walnuts and it pans down to the poor dude walking, there is a poster for "Gloves Wallace" At the little girl's ballet school, in the closet, is a book with "Andrea" written on the side. The little girl also does gymnastics at the "E. Juliano Gymnasium" When the little girl is having trouble playing the piano and it has a shot outside of the window, down in the bottom right corner it says "JAIL BOND Jacob Ratz" After that and the scene of the dude at the piano it pans down and there is a sign for "Regina's Tuxedo" After the the poor dude gets a job, right after the rich guy looks at the Harlem Jazz poster, it shoots to a shot of the subway. On the right side of the screen is a sign that simply says "Winston" That's all I could find. Not sure how many of 'em mean anything, but I figured I'd put them all up there.
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Skova writes:
Found another one. That spinning door where the little girl come from. The vase in the left.
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hirschfield (sorry for the spelling) also worked on the simpsons, and he puts his daughters name NINA into every caricature he does
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Nina was, in fact, his daughter. Hirschfeld actually drew the original storyboards for Rhapsody in Blue, and the animators were told to look at them to base the rest of the scene from. Hirschfeld also oversaw (coordinated) the scene to make things look more like something he'd draw.
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Dr Randy writes:
For the record, Mr. Hirschfeld (and that is the proper spelling) did NOT draw the "Rhapsody in Blue" segment of Fantasia 2000. It was drawn in his STYLE, and he is credited as "artistic consultant".
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Kakalina writes:
that "dude at the piano" is a caricature of George Gershwin, the composer of Rhapsody in Blue. but you probably knew that already.
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Josh writes:
There are hidden names throughout the whole movie.
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