Seinfeld Easter Egg - You Stole My Move!

The episode where George tries to steal Jerry's move (in bed) by writing it on his hand, and another character (was it Putty???) blatantly stole Jerry's move, was not really about a "move" at all!

These are examples (maybe I'm stating the obvious here) of what stand-up comics say when they think another comic has stolen their STAGE MATERIAL!!! The lines in the show like "Hey, I came up with that first" don't really give it away, but the dialogue like "Listen, if you're ever in another town, doing a one-nighter, or something like that, then you can use it, but in this town, IT'S MINE!" (even though it may sound sexual) is what crybaby comics say to each other.

I managed a comedy club for a while after seeing that episode-- it gained a whole new meaning for me!

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Contributed By: AssCabbage on 05-20-2000
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I really don't think this is a eegg. In the episode when gorge meets susan for the first time at nbc she is waering a brown dress then in the episode when he takes the tape to the japanesse tv company the female japnesse assitant is wearing the same dress.. now i think that is an egg!
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ratboy writes:
The move was real, the egg isn't. Potential dual meanings aside, Puddy definitely used the move on Elaine and George definitely got busted for writing the steps on his hand. In fact, we hear Jerry explaining the move to George. Details include that you *must* have a headboard, and there can't be more than a one-foot difference in height or you could break your neck. He also argues with Puddy over how best to finish off the move.
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In the same episode, Kramer is also accused of stealing Frank Costanza's move (a.k.a."stopping short"), and using it on Mrs. Costanza while driving her home from eye surgery.
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Speedy writes:
Its not just a headboard; an unpadded headboard
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