Williams Pinball Machines Easter Egg - Cows Everywhere

On every single Williams pinball table there is always a cow, either in the digital display or the tabletop artwork, but always at least one.

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Contributed By: John Sterling on 08-05-1999
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Special Requirements: A williams Pinball Table
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hyphz writes:
Actually, there are LOTS of eggs in pinball tables (not just Williams). Some of them even give you stuff: On "Dracula", whenever the LCD shows a close-up of Drac's eyes, and he looks cross-eyed, hit the START button to get about 20 points and a weird secret animation. Also, you are guaranteed to match if Dracula is not talking at the start of the match animation; otherwise, you are guaranteed not to. (You can't control this, but it saves waiting for the animation..) On "Star Trek The Next Generation", whenever Data starts saying "Had you propelled the ball along the proper trajectory you would have been rewarded", snap both flippers while he's talking. Picard cuts him off and you get 10M. On "Tommy", end a game with your score less than 2M below the replay score, and the game gives you the remaining 2M after the final bonus count down with the message "Lyman Bonus". (Lyman is Lyman Sheats, a famous pinball champion who was headhunted by Data East, the table makers.) Also, hitting the silverball on the right hand side so that the ball bounces off and hits the Mirror gives you the "Sigma Bonus" (Sigma is Keith Johnson, who used to run the online Pinball Archive). On "South Park", when the animations for the start of video mode are running, tap the left, then the right, then the left flipper.. and keep going, but go slowly (what you want to avoid doing is hitting both flippers at once, since that will kill the egg). If done right, the video mode display will appear but Cartman will be frozen in place, letting you easily complete the mode. You can start Cartman moving by hitting both flippers at once or waiting. On "V-chip" roms (with the swearing removed) you may need to be quite quick on the flippers to do this, but it is still possible. On "Jack*Bot", whenever you start a Casino mode, hit the Extra Ball button repeatedly during the startup animation. This gives you a random chance of getting a "cheat" and winning the Casino mode automatically. Also, the Extra Ball button will sometimes flash during the attract mode; if it does, press it to reveal a credits roll and the "story of development". AND a VERY controversial one (which I suspect was removed from most of the tables available, so don't be surprised if this doesn't work): On "Last Action Hero", during the match animation, do the following sequence with the flippers: press right, press left, release right, release left. (Or the other way around left/right, perhaps.) If this works, it forces a match, giving you a free credit. (Somebody at Data East got fired for that, I think.) As well as cows in Williams tables, look out for the phrase "Feel The Power" (occurs in most of the Pat Lawlor tables). It's spoken in Addams Family and Twilight Zone, and is written around the back of the playfield on Funhouse.
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web1x writes:
If you get a replay on Twilight Zone, watch the slot machine animation. A cow appears on the middle wheel. At that time, if you hit both flippers, you get a bonus!
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Mega109 writes:
I work for a pinball shop in Pittsburgh and I can vouch for most of these eggs. Also as for the Williams pin balls even thou they contain a cow in every one, some of them “moo” as well. The "Fire" pinball is a good one for this whenever you start a game it “moos” at you.
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Cap'n Bobby writes:
When I was a lad we use to be able to get free games on some tables by flicking the on/off switch located underneath the table in the front right-hand corner. Has this worked for anyone else? I think it worked on the 'Kiss' table.
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Tony Gies writes:
I found 2 on Attack from Mars. One of them involves hitting the Big O Beam a few times, then going into Video Mode, now all the UFO's are gone from the display, replaced by cows. On the table a ramp towards the top right has a printed-on cow skidding down. There's one on the Diner table too, can you find it? I did. :)
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baldy writes:
I have a '49 Williams Crossword pinball...no cow.
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