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In the movie, Nicholas Cage talks to the girl holding up the number '7' representing round 7 in the boxing match. he says to her "seven's my lucky number". In real life, Nicholas Cage's lucky number is seven, and he was born on the 7th of January, which just happens to me my birthday as well!

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Contributed By: Stuart ( HRT supporter ) Demler on 05-09-2000
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Special Requirements: movie 'Snake eyes'
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kurtman68 writes:
You want a real Snake Eyes egg??? Watch the film to the very end, after the concrete pillar is erected (quite a fallic imagery with all those construction workers, I might add...) The camera zooms in on a ruby in the side of the pillar. This brings resolution to the killing of one of the characters in mid-film (it's been a while and I don't remember who the character actually was-help!) - this guy was killed outside, and there was a cement truck in the background. I don't think you really see the kill, and definitely not what was done with the body, you just see that he's wearing this ruby ring...
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pixiesilk writes:
The ring belongs to the red haired(wig) woman who causes the distraction at the beginning of the fight. She is killed not long after that along with another man. She is blond I think when she is shot.
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Daniel writes:
I would have to agree with Deepstout and Kat on this one, the fact that 7 is his lucky number not a worthy egg. And as the internet is a international medium an un-known individuals birthday (yours) is insignificant to any egg notification. It's just simply not a good egg! I think you should try a little harder in announcing eggs Stuart. By the way who or what is a HVS?
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~Kat~ writes:
that is not a real egg if you do a poll most people will say 7 is there lucky number
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DeepStoat writes:
mmm... "seven"... Bet not too many people have that as a lucky number! Over 27% of people asked will give "7" as their lucky/favourite number. Strange, when you consider that there are an infinate number of numbers... Ask someone what their favourite playing card is. A surprisingly high number will say "7 of hearts". Interestingly, your body has seven energy centers (Chakras), and the heart Chakra is in the middle (number 4) of them all...
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Limey writes:
Actually the ring belongs to the boxer who threw the fight earlier in the film. Nick Cage comments on it as he is being beaten up. Later you see the boxer being thrown into the concrete in the background of the film. Not much of an egg really.
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