Vigelante Easter Egg - Cheat Codes (NOT AN EGG)

To enter the codes you must first go to the options menu then highlight game status select a person and press either l,r or r,l the code input should be at the bottom of the screen. Hi ceiling:lighter cars. Rapid fire:wepons fire faster. Under fire:atracts enimies to you. Quick play:in arcade mode randomly selects car,stage,and enimies. Go monster:cars have large mud tires. Jack it up:cars have high suspension. Go ramming:makes cars hevier and better for ramming. Go slow mo:puts game in slow motion. No gravity:cars stay in air longer during jumps. Mixed cars:allows same cars to be selected during multiplayer mode. More speed:faster cars Drive only:no hover,floating,or snow treds. Home alone:alows player to set enimes to zero in arcade mode. Blast fire:super missles. Elbicnivni:invincibility. Lla kcolnu:unlocks everyone NOTE: their quests are not completed. Lla dortoh:everyone has max stats. Long movie:see the ending movies for everyone. No code:disables all codes.

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Contributed By: Anonymous on 05-13-2000
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Special Requirements: n64,vigelante 8 game
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gamer writes:
these codes are for Vigilante 8 2nd offense actually.
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shadowfax272 writes:
Yes, but the PS2 version is called Vigelante, and thre is no PS2 version of the original Vigelante 8.
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