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Michael Whelan does cover art for many science fiction and fantasy books, in almost all of his art he hides his signature (a M and W in a circle). You can see his art at www.glassonion.com . Some examples are:
on the cover of the book "Friday" it is on the left hand side off the portal that Friday is standing in front of. On the cover of "second foundation" it is on the steel plate that Arcadia is standing on. On the cover of "On being a green mother" it is on the harp. On "Daughter of Regals" it's in the stone work above the girls head. On "Nor Crystal Tears" it's on a leather band on the Thanx's Leg. You find the Rest. (don't E-mail me If I got something slightly wrong).

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Contributed By: Flinx on 08-04-1999
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Hidden Michael Whelan Signature....
Hidden Michael Whelan Signature....

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Soukey writes:
This is not really an egg. Many artists-for-hire choose to sign their works this way. They are not responsible for the presentation of their work and risk having a traditional signature air-brushed out or cropped. By making their signature a graphic that can be incorporated into the piece they can be assured that it will stay visible.
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M Borzoi writes:
Also, Michael used his wife as his main model for several pictures. She is the woman with the fuzzies & I believe the harpist on "Being a Green Mother". His daughter was the model for the "Ultimate Sandbox" in the Miss Piggy spacesuit. Michael himself shows up on the cover of "With Friends Like These" & as the painter on a recent book, but that title escapes me.
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Sean Lacey writes:
Quite true. Thanks for the tip. To add a couple: Dragon Lake: On the rock that Sioned's left foot is on. Dragon Lord: On the rock down and left of Azhdeen's left foot. I'm referrering to the dragon in the picture. Dragonfire: Erm. My shirt is apparantly too low a quality to actually see that on, or I'm missing it. This one has both a human and dragon in the picture, and I'm looking at the rocks they stand on...(might be a pattern), but I see nothing.
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PlushieCat writes:
Donald Maitz often does the same thing with his signature, as does Robin Woods. It seems to be getiing more and more common with fantasy/sci-fi illustrators. :)
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Spamboy writes:
On the artwork for "On A Pale Horse" by Piers Anthony, the signature is actually the hood-ornament on a car. I think it's called "Thanatos" on the website.
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