Star Wars Episode 5: The Empire Strikes Back Easter Egg - Shoe in Space

When the Tie fighters are chasing Han's ship into the asteroid field look for a tennis shoe.(it's there)

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Special Requirements: Origianl version of "The Empire Strikes Back" (NOT! special edition)
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Shoe and tator
Shoe and tator

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laserritch writes:
What are you talking about? The reason explained in cinefex/starlog magazine by the director of that sequence (Ken Ralston) is that with the many different layers of Photography To Be filmed (long monotonious camera passes)late one night he decided to shoot his own shoe ( and a potato) and insert them into the background.(explained On the original laserdisc release) The shoe can be found at the top Right hand side of screen (better seen in widescreen)just as the two asteroids have impacted and are showering the falcon(Immediately after c3po throws his arms up)
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flauros writes:
This was in fact done by Mark Hamill (Luke Skywalker.) He and George Lucas got in a fight about that the actors were messing up too much and that he would cut wages if it kept going that way. Then Mark (Luke) told Lucas that he was so arrogant and that he wouldn't even notice if a shoe went flying by in space... SHOWS HOW GOOD OF AN ACTOR HE WAS
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burgerdog writes:
I think this is bogus. All accounts I have read say his shoe is in the Endor space battle in Return of the Jedi.
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egghunter writes:
why is this egg in the top spot right now? it's not that entertaining.
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