Ultima IX Easter Egg - Choking Lord British

In the kitchen of your house on Earth in the beginning of the game, you will find a breadmaker. Put flour in the breadmaker--by picking up a bag of flour and setting it on top of the breadmaker--and then turn it on in order to get a loaf of bread. Afterwards, take the can of poison that is present above the refridgerator and add it to the bread you create to create a loaf that is toxified. You can now put the poisoned bread in your backpack and take it through the moongate--apparently the poisoned bread is the only item you can take through. Once you arrive in Lord British's castle, go to the dining room and find a hidden door in the wall on the southeast corner. When you open the door, you will come to the kitchen, where, upon a plate, is a loaf of bread. Remove the bread from the plate, and replace it with the bread you poisoned on Earth. Some time during the day, Lord British will enter the room and start eating the loaf. With the bread in his mouth, he starts to choke and saunter about and eventually die. While he is busy choking you can also kill him by yourself with a sword. It is important to note that if you do this and kill Lord British, you won't be able to complete the game. This is a rather funny easter egg that was included in the game because in every Ultima game, people attempt to assasinate British, who is normally invincible.

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Contributed By: Anonymous on 04-22-2000
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XbrianX writes:
As a side note to this hilarious egg, you do NOT have to put the flower bag on top of the breadmaker to make the bread. Just clicking the Breadman(tm) breadmaker with the left mouse button will produce a single loaf of bread. I can't wait to try this egg out!
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Phydeux writes:
I'm not sure if I'm doing something wrong, or if Origin's done something to disable this egg, but it won't work for me. Whenever I put the can of poison onto the breadmaker I hear a rather nasty "bzzzzt!" from my speakers and the game crashes back to the desktop. To be precise, it only happens if the poison can lands on the part of the breadmaker with the controls. My only theory is that its shorting out the breadmaker and destroying the world.... ok, maybe not. But it is an amusing thought. Anyone know any clues? Also, I'd be interested in some configuration tips for a Voodoo5 5500 with Ultima IX if anyone can help. :) [email protected]
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Miner5 writes:
You don't put the poison in the breadmaker, but in the bread, Phydeux.
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This is also (possibly) a reference to Ultima Online. In the early days of UO, a player became infamous for 'assassinating' Lord British as he stood on a bridge making a speech. Normally, this would be impossible, but a server crash has improperly reset Lord British's 'invulnerable' flag.
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